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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: 5X1AB
Operator(s): S53R
Station: 5X1AB

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Kampala
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Africa

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Total:71075174Total Score516,426


Club: Slovenia Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-02 00:43:56
Here is my little contribution to the CQWW. Good to be back after a while – although this is a story by itself. Travelled thru 5X and 9Q in the past two weeks as part of my job. The plans were to try and operate from 9Q initially, but nobody was available locally to “rent” the station. Luckily, Aramais, 5X1AB, who works for the same agency, offered to use his station – if we were lucky enough to make it on time from Kinshasa to Kampala. So we left Kin on Saturday morning and it all started on the wrong foot already there. We were late and you bet we missed late afternoon flight from Nairobi to Kampala. So we hung around Nairobi till past 10pm and finally made it to Aramais’s home around 1am Sunday – dead tired. Listened the bands for a few minutes, hooked up the PC and went to bed till 6 in the morning. Fired up the station and thought that the pile-up will just start. Well I was dead wrong!! No pile ups at all, or better more, just what is generated by cluster. The setup at 5X1AB is moderate – Hustler vertical and IC-PW1, but still…. I figured out during Sunday that the old way of doing contests, at least if you do not run with a huge signal is gone forever. Generally people just stair at the PC waiting for a spot to pop up and jump on the DX-es from band-to-band. No more tuning up and down, searching for that weak rare ones! This creates a peak of 40-50 QSOs and then it all goes dead again – till another spot comes up. Did some research between my log and the sports I found on DXScape, and it is interesting, to say the least. Let’s see how logs/categories of some stations compare to what I came up with :-)) Another thing I want to mention and it has already been noticed before is about the behaviour of mostly EU stations – and that goes all across the continent, not just selected countries. Me really having a week signal on 40m meant that I had to call the station that I picked up for 4 to 5 times, before the poor guy on the other side could hear me through the wall of stations just calling and calling and calling!! Even worse, while I was in QSO they tried to make their way by breaking-in. No go with me guys!! If the rest of the world plays by the rules, EU will have to do it too! To finish, I’d like to thank Aramais and his family for the great hospitality. Had my tea and fruits next to me all the time! And then a special Sunday lunch…… 73 and hopefully this is a come-back to a bit more serious contesting that I missed very much due to my work commitments in the past 4 years or so. Pile-ups still make goose pimples come up!!! Robert, S53R