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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2014   Mar 29   Claimed Score

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Call: P4ØW
Operator(s): W2GD
Station: P4ØW

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Location: South America

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Total:3701Prefixes1159Total Score14,828,246


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2014-03-31 06:33:32
Elecraft K3, Win-Test Logger 80M Inverted V @ 60ft, 80m Half Sq. @ 55ft (USA) F12 Delta 240 @ 70ft, 4 ele wire beam (EU) @ 55ft C31XR @ 60ft, C4 @ 60ft Beverage RX antennas NE, N/S, NW, E/W COMMENTS: Folks....lock in your memories of this past weekend....the conditions, 10 meters in particular, were truly spectacular. It has been decades since I've heard stations from Asia (HS, XW, VU, UP, UN, 4L, etc.) sound so 'normal' and loud. without a smidgen of polar flutter...... and very easy to work with low power. The old axiom "no meters like 10 meters" was the theme of this event. While on the one hand we enjoyed great propagation, it effectively spread everyone out, and to a degree lowered run rates, at least from this part of the world. After many years of somewhat marginal propagation, the normal concentrations of stations on a particular band at a particular time didn't follow the expected patterns. Note to self: adjust operating tactics to meet actual conditions. Struggled with power line noise problems (multiple sources) that developed late Thursday evening....triggered by a very brief rain shower....rendering the beverage antennas virtually useless (it had not rained on Aruba for two months so there is plenty of salt buildup on the power lines). Mercifully the noise somewhat abated for a portion of the second night. I remain amazed by how well the Elecraft K3 noise blanker and noise reduction features work. The world-wide growth in the number of available Prefixes was certainly evident this weekend....and welcomed. Thanks go to all of the normally 'non contesters' for getting on the air to make so many multipliers available. Looking forward to seeing many in the "contest family" at WRTC2014 this July. 73, John, W2GD @ P40W