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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2009   Nov 21   Claimed Score

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Call: KL8DX
Operator(s): KL8DX
Station: KL8DX

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 8.25

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Total:402Sections71Total Score57,084


Club: North Coast Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2009-11-22 21:21:52
A weekend of extremes here in Alaska! I started out the contest at 21 degrees below zero and by the time it was over, it peaked at 31 degrees above zero! It was fun to experience a rare (for me) 10 meter opening just prior to the contest. 10 meters opened for me around 1945z and I worked 10 up through the beginning of the contest. Prior to the contest, I had contacts from the Midwest to the West Coast. I was having so much fun I nearly forgot about the start of the SS! My final pre-contest QSO was with Tim, K7XC and he volunteered to be my first contact of the SS. Once the contest began, I worked another 22 QSO's until the band finally folded. My goal was only to operate a short while and to hand out AK to those that needed it. I did not expect the bands to be in great shape since the AU levels peaked and there was lots of absorption going on with the increase in the solar wind. Once 10 meters closed I threw in the towel until Sunday at 1800z. 15 meters was in such great shape I had to stay. But, as luck would have it, 15 meters turned out to be the band of fun. I was able to find a clear frequency and called CQ and the flood gates opened. I'm not much into SSB contests anymore but the biggest thrill for me was to hear several stations thank me for their sweep. To me, that's cool! I stuck with 15 meters until there was not much left and then popped over to 20 meters but did not stick around there long. The band was packed and I was also hearing the modern version of the "woodpecker" on the band (I actually recorded a bit of it when I was attempting to work WY7SS). I have since retreated back to listening to the comforting sound of CW and digital mark and space. I received several comments about the number of Alaska stations on so it sounds like the 49th was well represented. It was great to put a voice with so many familiar callsigns and to hear from some long time friends. For those that celebrate it this week, Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully see ya's in the next one. 73, Phil Denali National Park, Alaska http:///