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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2005   Mar 26   Claimed Score

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Call: VK3TZ
Operator(s): VK3TZ
Station: VK3TZ

Class: SO(TS)AB HP
QTH: Brisbane
Operating Time (hrs): 28
Location: VK/ZL

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Total:1342Prefixes542Total Score2,455,260


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2005-03-28 23:12:38
Hi all, Condx seemed to be a little down (a fair bit down since my last WPX 3 years ago) but this is the first time I have operated from this far North. Andy VK4KY was kind enought to load me the use of his land/shed and the guys from the local club put up a tribander for me. With a lot of help from a few of the locals a 3 ele tribander was put up at 8m. NOT REALLY VERY HIGH, but better, much better, than not operating at all. I did my back in last week and was not really in much shape to do much physical. I was able to help Andy put up a 40/80m vertical to add to the 40m and 80m dipoles he had in the trees, at about 50 ft and 70ft , respectively. A huge hail storm and a lightning strike within about 500m put me off air for a while. Power outages. A big storm with hail the size of oranges!!! I will have photos put on the web somewhere on my site Lots of time spent talking to Andy as we had never met before, but talked on air a fair bit and via phone. So too many off hours (about 19 hrs non-operation. 15m was the best of a bad bunch really. 40m has good openings to JA from VK4, much better than VK3 20m openings to LP EU and to USA no where near as good as in VK3 (interesting) Max rate was only once in the 220/hr range for a few minutes. Pretty happy considering the height of the antenna, etc. Thanks Andy and the guys from the Redcliffe club. Sorry to Bill VK4FW who offered for me to use his location but there was no-way my back could have handled the trip and putting up an antenna, just the two of us. Car is pretty badly damaged by the hail (it was borrowed!!!!) An interesting contest (maybe for all the wrong reasons - car accident on the way to ANdy's place as WELL!!!. Worked PT5A on LP on 10m, not much else was special. Heard ZD8Z for only the second time in a contest (contesting since 1988). By the looks of the other scores I did pretty well on 10m. Would love to do it again from ANdy's place once the 20m tower is in place. Some pretty poor operating by one UA operator made me blow it on 40m! 500Hz off my frequency is just ridiculous. I would love the guys who do that to be disqualified........ for 3 years! Tony VK3TZ