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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KØTV
Station: KØTV

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: New Hampshire
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:3019133487Total Score5,316,800


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-07 07:18:30
Another one for the books. Everyone here at K0TV had a great time. I had to go to a high school reunion that started just as the contest was starting so WO1N volunteered to be the station captain in my absence. Ken did a fantastic job of keeping everything running and the chairs filled until I arrived on Saturday afternoon. One of the amps failed somewhat dramatically near the start but Ken was able to put a different amp into the station and keep the station on the air. I still don't know what happened to that amp but I've basically got until February to fix it. I'm sure it will be back on the air long before that. A couple of the regulars couldn't make it this time but other operators stepped up to the plate admirably. Work has to come before contesting so we all absolutely understand. The 160 receive antennas were working extremely well but the transmit antennas didn't seem to be up to snuff. It was very frustrating to call EU stations that were solid S9 signals and the best we could get was a QRZ? from many of them. Even ON4UN needed a few tries to hear us. When John can't hear you, there's something seriously wrong. I'm writing this a week later after the ARRL 160 contest where I got some new transmit antennas on line that seemed to work much better. Too bad they weren't up a week earlier. Still more to do on that. We'll be looking for everyone during the Stew Perry and the CQWW 160 CW contests later this season. The 40 meter rotator failed a couple of days before the contest and the beam got stuck pointed at KH6. I wasn't able get it turned to EU until the second night. Once the antenna was pointed at EU, we could really hold a frequency but it was difficult the first night with only the four square, the big beam on KH6, and the South beam. When all was said and done, 40 actually had more countries and zones than 20. The new station configuration with the amplifiers in the other room made the operating positions much more pleasant. Less noise and heat in the "OR". The new multi-deck autotune 8877 amp worked flawlessly. It's a real beast that makes lots of blower noise and lots of heat but it loafs along keeping two stations up and running at the legal limit. Watching live scores was a lot of fun and the competition is a blast to watch. I sure wish those stations using stone knives and bearskins for logging would upgrade so they could get into the fray with the live updates. Congratulations to everyone who participated and we look forward more fun in the coming months. This contest's MVP goes to WO1N for an outstanding job all around. Too bad Ken isn't a regular for this contest but I understand he loves operating from K1TTT normally. We'll miss him next year for this contest. We're lucky to have him for the 160 and SSB contests. Best 73, Jerry