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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 1   Claimed Score

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Call: K3CCR
Operator(s): N3UM W3GB
Station: K3CCR

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs610Sections69Countries24Total Score122,388


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-08 03:31:13
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and W3GB operated Multi-1 in ARRL 160 2017 and put in 17 hrs. BIC. We made a good start running in the first 2 hrs. for 144 QSOs and 45 mults. Condx were good, with k=1 and lots of activity. EUs came in early. TM6M called us ~23Z and TM5N ~1 hr. later. We then got ZF, UW, and CT9 just after 01Z, clicking spots, and EI, OM, OH, and YO called us 0142-0204 while we ran at 60/hr. W3GB stayed late, QRT at 0613 with 308 Qs and 73 mults. QRV again at 0013Z Sun., we clicked spots for a steady rate until 0130Z and then made 88 Qs in 1.2 hr. running at 73/hr. Back to clicking spots at 03Z when run rate dropped. Second night N3UM stayed late, QRT 0626Z with 558 Qs. W3GB came back early Sun. 0943Z for 2.6 hrs. and got us to 610 Qs and 122K points. We were pleased, especially with our total 93 mults. We got 58 US sections, missing NNY, PR, WTX, KH6, EWA, AK, ND, and 7 of the 10 CA sections, and got 11 of the 12 VE sections, all but NT. We made 26 EU Qs in 18 EU countries plus PJ2 in SA, CT3 in AF, and 4 NA countries. All with no Beverage; we still hope for one.