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JIDX Contest, Phone   2013   Nov 9   Claimed Score

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Call: W6H
Station: NX6T

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Fallbrook, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: USA

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Total:665154Total Score112,882


Club: San Diego Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2013-11-10 14:39:20
Friday night started off very well with good runs on 40 meters but 80 meters was not not yielding much even though we had a full time MULT station. Saturday there was apparently some bad solar event which held our 10 and 15 meter Qs down and as usual as in past years, 20 meters yielded few Qs. We made some tactical errors with our new station setup and probably lost 50 Qs but we won't make that mistake next year ! We lost 10 hours of time where we did not have any propagation or very poor propagtion to Japan. We managed to train some new Ops in Multi Single category with 3 radios in operation and 3 Ops on duty for most of the 20 hours we put in. It also seeemd that JA station participation was down this year as even when the 10 and 15 meter bands were open, we could never get any substantial runs going. We got to prove out a new station setup with bandpass filters and bandcoders where we had some RFI problems that eventually got rsolved which will hopefully yield us better scores in future Multi-Op events at our portable station in Fallbrook, CA. 2 Elecraf K3s, TS-590, 2 ACOM 2000A Amps, 70 ft tower trailer tower with 2 El 40 Mtr Yagi, 3 El SteppIR, 80 and 160 mtr dipoles, 40 foot tower trailer with 2 El 40 Yagi and 3 El SeppIR. 73 de N6KI