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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2003   Oct 25   Claimed Score

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Call: P4ØW
Operator(s): W2GD
Station: P4ØW

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 42
Location: South America

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Total:6875137510Total Score13,053,872


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2003-11-02 00:46:32
There is nothing better in contesting than operating off-shore in THE CONTEST - CQWW. And what a great way to spend a 10 day vacation! 7 action-packed days before the contest fixing all the things that have broken since my last visit 11 months ago, and then adding a few incremental antenna improvements - all before the big show begins. Lets see, restring NE beverage including the ground system (one of the locals even removed the radials); replace both rotators; repair chewed up coax lines damaged by free wheeling antennas on Tower 1; replace damaged rotor cable on Tower1; worry about release of an equipment shipment which included two new antennas and the amp power supply.....finally received the shipment Tuesday afternoon (thanks to P43P); build a new Force 12 C4 tribander+40 out in the cactus field on a very hot Wednesday (so many rivits); remove the broken A4 tribander from Tower 2, diagnose and fix a rotor cable problem; raise the C4 onto Tower 2; tune 40M element (2 climbs), diagnose new rotor problem on Tower 1 (3 of 4 mounting bolts had fallen out) never seems to end......diagnose low signal strength on NE beverage (broken 9:1 transformer wire); build a Cushcraft 40M rotatable dipole but run out of energy to do another climb to mount it on Tower1 before the contest; put up the 3 ele 75M wire yagi dodging the cactus while stringing out the elements, get CTWIN working, run a telephone line to the shack and test telnet access. I'll bet the rent-a-shack crowd doesn't have half this much fun in a week! Never got the beach but managed to see every World Series game enjoying ribs and a brew at Tony Roma's. This year P40W had the following antenna and equipment assets to play with: Tower 1: 4 el Force12 20M at 70 feet (Note: These F12 antennas are now 9 yrs old and 5 el Force12 10M at 76 feet still in service despite exposure to one very tough 5 el Force12 15M at 84 feet environment of constant wind, UV, and salt air.) 160/80 inverted V at 68 feet 40M inverted V at 65 feet Tower 2: New Force12 C4 Tribander (+ 40M rotatable dipole) at 60 feet Between Tower 1 and Tower 2 is a catonary rope from which is suspended a 3 el 75M yagi (90 foot boom) at 60 feet aimed at EU (yes it really works) NE/EU beverage - 750 feet NW/US beverage - 450 feet Radio and Switching Equipment: Icom IC756ProII Tentec Titan Amplifier Two B&W 6 position antenna switches Homebrew FRC Power Divider Box (thanks W2NO/N2TK) Ameco Nuvistor Preamp circa 1970 This was the first CQWW where I never felt that common overwhelming urge to sleep. Maybe the 4 hour nap just before the contest made a difference. Or laying off caffine the first day, or not eating any sweets the first day (just an egg sandwitch and Gatorade). I slept 2 hours each night (immediately before sunrise) - knowing my days of 48 hour efforts have been over for more than a decade. Started the contest on 10M....ran some S.A., looked for Asia (none called) and quickly switched to 15M. Great condx to USA....had a 340 hour - my contest best. Like everyone else found 80 and 160 very noisy with lots of absorption. Resigned myself to picking off mults - the low bands weren't very runable. Saturday the rates to EU/USA on 10 and 15 were 200+ for hours and hours. Hit 10M hard the first day not knowing what would happen to conditions with the sun doing funny things. Ended Day1 with about 4700 too bad for a CW guy. The evening of Day2 I paid more attention to 40/80/160. 40 and 75 were runable to EU at or just after their sunrise. Managed to squeek out reasonable mults on these bands but 160 remained almost useless (noise/absorption). Always a thrill to work A61AJ on 75M (they were 20 over 9 - thanks for the pass from 40M Emily! Woke up 15 minutes before sunrise, just in time to add a few more mults on 75 and 40 before returning to the high bands. I thought 10M was better Saturday. All weekend kept hearing strange noises on the high bands, and about noon local time Sunday propagaton went out almost completely. No signals at all on 20M, and just USA, AF, SA and Carib on 15 and 10 with reduced signals. Took the opportunity to grab a quick shower and then decided to run W's on 10M - at reasonable rates as it turned out. Probably stayed too long on 10M, made the transition to 15 and then 20. Spent the last hour chasing telenet spots, adding an addl. 15 mults. Had problems with CTWIN all weekend - the version I had crashed once an hour. Internet service is expensive on Aruba - $.06/minute, which effectively ruled out a 48 hour connection due to the cost. The compromise process of manually logging onto the ISP, doing a sh/dx/100 on each band, and then logging off was time consuming, tedious, and distracting - when done while still trying to maintain a run. RF was getting into the phone line, impeding modem access - installing ferrite didn't seem to help. My hope before the contest was to break the SOA ABHP record. But operator errors and the sudden downturn of conditions Sunday resulted in coming up just short. Another year..... After the contest had a great dinner P40A (KK9A) and P40B (P43P). These post-contest dinners have become a fun tradition on Aruba. The station is now plug and play ready for K4UEE/P40R who will be QRV for CQWW CW in a 2OM single band effort. I'll be over on St. Kitts doing M/2 at V47KP. I want to especially thank my wonderful hosts Humphrey and Corry, as well as Jacob, P43P, Dan, W2NO, Pete, NO2R, Jeff, WC4E and members of FRC for their help and assistance. Congrats to HC8N, 9Y4ZC, HC8N, PT0F, SU9NC, PJ7/AH8DX, and the teams at VP2E, PJ2T, C5Z, and A61AJ for truely superior results. 73, John P40W/W2GD