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ARRL RTTY Roundup   2018   Jan 6   Claimed Score

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Call: W7VO
Station: W7VO

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Location: USA

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Total:811State/Prov51Countries24Total Score60,825


Club: Willamette Valley DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-09 00:04:22
Wow......The 2018 version of the ARRL RTTY Roundup was absolutely the best contest ever, by all accounts and metrics. Endless runs on 20M to Europe in the mornings (lasting until midnight!), Endless runs on 15M to JA in the afternoons, so many bands open at once that it was difficult to decide which one to run with, and rare NE Canadian multipliers politely lining up in a queue to work only us! Then I groggily woke up from my 7 AM hour-long nap after being part of our two man "all-nighter" Radio Scappoose crew, and realized that it was time to get back to work...... It was still a great contest by all measures; Nothing sizzled, fried, or otherwise smoked with the RTTY duty-cycle (we did keep the power down to 750W, and my tri-bander traps thanked me), the computers all behaved with no surprise Windows 10 updates, and everybody seemed to have survived my homemade Turkey Chili Saturday night. (But several did not come back for Sunday, so maybe now I know why...) The good news was that the A index and K index were great, so QRN was at a minimum. But, also the Solar Flux Index was low, and so were the noticeably absent sunspots, all making for poor propagation overall. 15M closed at around 1-2 PM both days, very little EU in the mornings on 20M, and 10M was a wasteland. The multiplier configuration for the ARRL RTTY makes for low mult totals, (and as a result, scores), and once you've worked one DX country on any band, the next one is worth exactly the same points as stations in California. The key to this contest is RUN-RUN-RUN, and when that doesn't work, RUN some more..... We ran with a true "single transmitter", with a second computer set up to hunt mults on the web. We missed quite a few states, RI, NH, VT, DE, and ND. I don't know if those guys were still digging out from snow or what, but we checked out EVERY 1-Land callsign we heard on, only to find out that most of them were all guys that had moved to one of the warmer states, like Florida, California, or Texas! Many thanks to the guys that came in from out of town to operate at Radio Scappoose, (Ian, K5ZM, Kevin, WA7SHP, and Alex, KU1CW), and also the great efforts from our Scappoose area regulars, Daryl, KG7ASQ, Bob, W7CO (ex AG7RT), and Dave, W7CAR) are greatly appreciated. I guess after a weekend at Superstation K2PO for the CQWW CW, Alex, KU1CW needed a break from fast rates, huge pileups, big signals, and monster scores, and boy, we sure delivered for him! 73; Mike, W7VO