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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2014   Dec 5   Claimed Score

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Call: WE9V
Operator(s): WE9V
Station: WE9V/9

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 27
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs1269Sections80Countries9Total Score228,552


Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2014-12-10 09:11:10
Due to the worse noise in 16 years at my QTH (it's so bad that I can barely hear powerhouse WB9Z), I returned to my mom's house where I've previously installed a simple inverted L. It's more of an inverted J. About the first 40 feet is vertical, then maybe another 20 feet high at a diagonal, then the rest is downward sloping. Includes 16 radials, less the ones that the lawn tractor ate up. I also have a 900' 2-wire NE/SW beverage, but as usual, since it runs through the woods, it suffers breakage in multiple spots every year. It's constructed with 16 ga speaker wire which is pretty soft and weak. After splicing it in no less than 5 spots, it didn't seem to be working very well. It was useless SW, and I only used it a couple times to work EU, where it was marginally better than the TX antenna. In years past, I had to ask the neighbor (1000' away) to turn off his electric fence, as it generates a S9+30dB ticking sound. I was surprised to find that he didn't have it on, and my TX antenna noise was an amazing S3. So all but about 5 QSOs were with listening on the TX antenna. That was pretty fun, other than the entire second day. Was a little concerned when the rates started out so slow at the 22z start, but picked up a little towards the end of the hour. I didn't have any hour over 100 rate, the closest at 96 at 00z. From local midnight the first night (06z) until the end of the contest, I didn't even surpass a 50 rate. My average rate for all of the second day (operating hours only) was only 27/hr! When the rate on Sunday morning was 7 Qs for my sunrise hour and I went 45 minutes with no Qs, I decided to pull the plug a little early, tear down the station, roll up the coax, and drive home. I took about 2 hours off time each night, about 3am-5am local. Okay, enough about that. One really neat thing about this contest was that, several hours into the contest, I began wondering about SO2V operation. I've done plenty of SO2R, and occasionally working stuff on the 2nd VFO, but nothing I would really consider SO2V. Even for single band contests in the past, I'd use SO2R, complete with fancy headphone and CW/SSB switching. So, in the middle of the busy part of the contest (01z first night), I Googled "Writelog SO2V". Wow! This seems pretty cool! And really easy to set up! I've not operated from this QTH with a dual-RX radio before and as I mentioned, at home, I use SO2R. But this year I got a second K3 complete with the 2nd RX. I thought it was super impressive that Writelog could switch the headphones without my hands leaving the keyboard, just like I can SO2R with the W5XD interface, but with zero hardware! With the press of a single key, I can get one VFO in each ear, or when there's a weak answer to my CQ, a press of that same key puts both ears there. A press of another key, and I'm TXing on the 2nd VFO. This may be old news to you regulars to SO2V, but I was tickled pink about the whole thing. Never clicked on a single spot all weekend. I mostly started at one end of the band and spun the dial until I got to a new station. Kinda like semi-assisted. I probably should have clicked more often, as many stations were gone by the time I got to them. Activity seemed down slightly, basing that observation strictly on how spread out the stations were (or were not). In other contests, activity sometimes reached 1900, but this year not much above 1865 or so. Also noticed less clicking radios. I hope more people are trading up from their FT-1000MPs and such, and clicks will be a thing of the past and we can all be within a few hundred hertz away, instead of >1khz away from click generators. Barely any DX was worked. The only EU heard Friday was CS2C, but I couldn't attract his attention. There was a 30 minute window on Saturday where I worked a few mults, one each CT F G GW PA. PJ2T was heard throughout the contest. Worked 2 XEs and ZF, and was pleased about being called by HC1WDT (W0OR at his winter HC home). Missed AK, NL, NT for sections. Noticed a lack of W6's, especially Friday night. Was surprised by the strong showing of AZ stations, being the 11th most worked section with 32 stations. Worked more W7s than W5s (95 vs 92) and only half as many W6 (45). Ohio was most worked at 80 stations, followed by IL at 63. Thanks for all the Qs. Chad WE9V