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California QSO Party   2014   Oct 4   Claimed Score

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Call: K6U
Operator(s): N6GEO WQ6X
Station: N6GEO

Class: M/MFixed LP
QTH: Brentwood Ca.
Operating Time (hrs): 25
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:747219Mults56Total Score150,024


Club: Northern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2014-10-05 20:35:45
The original plan was for N6GEO & WQ6X to operate K6U from George's Twain Harte cabin (TUOL) was last-minute sidelined til next year. In it's place we operated K6U from N6GEO's home QTH in Brentwood (CCOS). This setup required us to lash together the FLEX-1500 station we used as WP2/WQ6X in St. Croix for our 2nd transmitter - to go along with the location's already existing FLEX-3000 station. So you could say that we were a 1/2 expedition as we always have to install temporary antennas at George's HOA restricted QTH and CQP required we setup an additional station. After a lot of false starts, both stations were on the air delivering 190 watts. Unfortunately, the bandpass filters for the yagi multiplexer did not like the "high" power and POOF'd TWICE this weekend. At 05:00z after front-ending the 6-BTV for 80-meters with a massive Dentron tuner, later, attempting to run run direct on 40-meters presented the radio with a constantly "floating" SWR - bye bye 40; which turned out to be one of our worst bands - and probably why we missed Idaho. Leftover atmospheric noise plagued all of the bands; 80 in particular. Of course only having a vertical on that band didn't help matters. On the other side of things, 15-meters was HoT! I enjoyed an opening to Europe both days. Aside from Europe and a couple of ZL stations, the rest of the world didn't want to play CQP this year. Of course sharing the airwaves with the RSGB contest GiG didn't help matters - it seemed to confuse operators. Then again that is what sets the wanna be contesters apart from the winners. We missed a sweep by not finding IDAHO and SASK. Wassup with that? Overall this was a fun CQP. The bright side is that we didn't have to drive a bunch of hours to Tuolumne; or worse yet 10 hours each way when we operated from Modoc last year. Overall, while we just missed catching our 2013 1st-place score, we did incredibly well, considering that this weekend almost didn't happen at all. 2015 CQP promises to be the wildest yet! Ron WQ6X