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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: NN5O
Operator(s): NN5O
Station: NN5O

Class: SO(A)AB LP
QTH: Tupelo, MS
Operating Time (hrs): 20:26
Location: USA

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Total:994Prefixes484Total Score810,700


Club: Deep Dixie Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-28 17:14:18
Fun! As a member of the Deep Dixie Contest Club (DpDxCC --, (other participating members were: Dr. Tor Clay, K4AFE (using our club call of KD5DD); John McVey, K4AFE; Jim Rosser, AD5TT; Mike Duke, K5XU; and moi)...I'm very glad to have made QSOs with many of you. Thanks for your hospitality during the contest. I heard only a few LIDS who were exercising their 'nutness.' We just ignored them and went forward with our exchanges. Major congratulations to all the newcomers to this year's WPX. Lots of calls that don't show up in the CHF. So, that's a great sign. And, we slowed down for many who seemed to struggle with speeds greater than 30 wpm, but we were glad to do so! Had to shut down Saturday evening at 0300z due to tornadoes in North Mississippi and SW Tennessee. Lots of storm damage around, but we were safe in our home. But, had to lose 10 hours of operating, almost! Better safe than sorry, I'd say. BARELY missed 1000 Qs. I should have operated a couple more hours, just to get over the line. However, on Friday morning, my heart stopped for 4 minutes! Thank goodness that I wear an ILR (Implantable Loop Recorder), so my cardiologist saw the alarm come up. He told me to take it easy this weekend...and nothing soothes my soul as much as woodworking and CW! Glad to still be here. But, I can tell you -- I have a whole new reason to attack life and try to accomplish many of the things on my list before they close the lid in my face. I'm 69 and my dad was killed at 69 when my 110' tower fell on him. I've lived a fuller life at 69 than he did, but I have SO much more to accomplish! Thanks for each QSO that gave me a special feeling of peace in my heart, helping me to stay connected with friends around the world via CW. Beats social media anyday! 73, --Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327 Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis) Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet