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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KR2Q
Operator(s): KR2Q
Station: KR2Q

QTH: NJ FN20ru
Operating Time (hrs): 39.5
Location: USA

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Total:71779277Total Score695,624


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2008-11-30 19:11:53
I had a GREAT time! While "the bands" were not what we expect at the sunspot peak, there was lots of excitement in store. Like what? How about: 1. Working 107 DX countries on just 20m...with QRP! 2. Working a total 116 separate DX countries (all bands combined) with QRP. 3. Working Reunion Island QRP...on three bands! 4. Working Maldives QRP...on two bands! 5. Calling over 200 CQs and getting ONE reply - on the last one - from an EL2 (new mult) Unlike K5ZD's comments, I actually tried to break back into the 40+ hour club. I almost made it at 39.5 hours. Guess I took one too many lunch & shower breaks. And after the contest, I feel just GREAT! Hey - I'm even still awake at 0300z typing this up (I arranged to take Monday off). The last hour of the contest was pretty tough. Can't run, have worked almost everybody that I can, so what to do? Just a mad scramble trying to find QSOs. At one point, after sucking wind for almost 30 minutes (no qsos), I went to 80 and ended up working VE3JM. That gave me an idea...I went to 160 to find some more VE's...but only found two who could hear me. Went back to 15m and had a blast on a nearly empty band. Worked a CE (double mult), but he got my call wrong. So I attempted to correct it....but then he got it even more wrong (argh!). After a couple QSOs, I contacted him again (finally!) and he got it right. Snagged ZPØ for another new one. And (of course) my last QSO on 15 was...another CE with 100% exchange the first time. And almost exactly at the end (on 20m), I heard a JA...another double mult, so I swung the beam at him....and his signal dropped. I turned it back at S.A. and he came back up. He was coming in over the South! Sadly, no QSO. CU in 160, 10 (?), and Stew to wrap up the year. And yes, that Elecraft K3 is a very nice radio. de Doug KR2Q PS...I know that I did my job correctly, because I'm still hearing CW...with the rig off. :-)