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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: WS7L
Operator(s): WS7L
Station: WS7L

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 29.5
Location: USA

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Total:1044Prefixes478Total Score877,130


Club: Willamette Valley DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-29 12:48:18
On the whole I found this a fantastic test given our solar doldrums. I knew it would be great when I sent my first CQ on 20 and the second station who answered was 4X7R. I had set a goal to work at least 1000 Q's, and once I started handing out four digit serial numbers I kept a big smile on my face for the remaining hour or so. I planned to take a big break the first night and work most of the second but I wonder if the low bands might have been better before the storm hit. High band conditions the first half were fantastic, working stations in EU and central Asia until 0600z with beautiful clear signals instead of the usual fluttery auroral stuff we get here in the northwest. 20 meters to EU was open again Saturday morning but with the normal serial-number-clobbering distortion. Then EU was dead on Sunday apart from OF8WW in the early afternoon. Don't know what it is about Finland but they seem to have a pipeline to the Pacific NW. Only a few EU were worked on 15 meters, but working ANY is a minor miracle at this point in the solar cycle. Strangely, I worked rather few zone 14 stations except a bunch of DLs. My only UK entity was MD2C and I got only one each in France and Portugal, and four in Spain. Rates were good for the most part with no real doldrums where I found myself struggling to work 10 or 15 per hour. Peak rates of 150 or so in the runs and best hour was about 70. (I swear I'm gonna get a 100 QSO hour some time.) NA6O gets the six-band award but I only worked three on 160. As I had suspected by their omnipresent loudness, that was N6RO. Must have retired the NR6O call sign. And I hope WP3C enjoys the N.I.L penalty that he'll be getting. I worked him but must have fumbled my keyboard because it didn't get into my log. When I went back later he sent "DUP". So I sent "NIL" and he repeated "DUP". I didn't insist further. He could have logged me again in the time that took but he wanted the penalty instead. K-line, DB-18 for 10-40, HF-2V for 80, homebrew "T" vertical for 160. 73 and thanks for the Q's -- Carl