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Florida QSO Party   2014   Apr 26   Claimed Score

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Call: K5WA
Operator(s): K5WA
Station: K5WA

QTH: Texas
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Location: Out of State/Province
Radios: SO2R  

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:3510CW Mults67Ph Mults0Total Score94,068


Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2014-04-27 16:09:50
With no outdoor antenna (dipole in attic), low power and very little time to spare I was not thinking I would have any fun this weekend in FQP, however, with all the great ears in most of the mobiles, I was able to work all 67 counties with my little peanut whistle home station and have a ball to boot. I had gotten all but three counties on the first day and then picked up two of the last three on 40M early Sunday morning but WAL was just not in the cards. I looked at the "Counties on the Air" plan and saw that NO5W was my only hope of getting WAL near the end of the contest. About an hour and a half before the end, Chuck had a huge pileup in WAG and HOL and apparently pulled over to work the pile down (according to the APRS indicator). My hopes for a SWEEP seemed to sink when it looked like he was not going make it to WAL before 2200Z, but he got on I-10 and set the cruise control around 75 mph (again, a guess on my part from reading the APRS data) and spun through HOL saying WAL was about 7 miles away and there were still 30 minutes left in the contest. Right about the time he thought he was going to be in WAL, he stopped transmitting. Again I thought my sweep was vanishing at a gas station or pit stop. I waited 15-20 seconds and just couldn't wait any longer so I just called him blind. Sure enough, he came right back and I was his first WAL QSO as he was heading home. The expected huge pileup ensued but my contest was over with a sweep. That was fun. I think NO5W and N4UU tied in the smooth sending mobile category with the best CW fists. K5YAA must have had some bad RFI getting into his keying line because it was tough to copy but if you need a particular county, you can copy anything. ;-) I still remember my mobile run through the FQP with N6MU about 10-12 years ago when we got 47 counties done. I'm glad I didn't have APRS back then because we hit 90-100 MPH for the last hour to catch all the panhandle counties. Great contest AGAIN FQP!!! 73, Bob K5WA