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Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 14   Claimed Score

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Call: RT2A
Operator(s): SM6LRR
Station: UA3AB

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Nr Moscow
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: Non-Scandinavia

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Total:483128Total Score61,824


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-15 10:13:20
Challenging year even compared to 2016. Worked my first SAC from UA3AB's excellent QTH, with stacks on 10-40 meters and nice 3 element yagi on 80. The latter one I forgot to ask Andy how to tune on upper part of the band, so for sure lost both QSOs and MULTs due to that mistake. Ran barefoot above 3700 kHz and HP on 3600-3650. Unfortunately, seems the Scandinavian S&P's mainly populate 3700-3800, so a bit disappointing score on 80. However, 40 performed very well with almost 200 Scandinavians. 20 really did not open up in the way I expected, and 10/15 were the "normal" strange Tropo openings that have become so important for my Mult count in past years. This time, it seems also to have been open to the south on 10, which maybe will result in losing the Top Position to some German, Ukrainian or Italian Big Gun. Will be looking on Claimed Scores with interest to see in which category some of the high QSO stations participated. I have a feeling that they were Assisted, as they seldom bothered me when I found stations Search and Pounce. Thank you as always for all Scandinavians who agreed to QSY to 10 and 15 meters at "strange times". My estimation is that at least 80-85% of those QSYs resulted in contacts, so hopefully I also gave away some EU Russia mults to those who helped me with multipliers. I forgot the summary that shows multipliers per band, so my estimation is that 10 and 15 represented 18+12 = 30 very useful multipliers. I hope that will be sufficient :) Thank you to Andrey UA3AB for letting me use his excellent station! 73 de Mats RM2D (SM6LRR) @ RT2A PS Many 5 Band QSOs, but log remained with Andy UA3AB, so no chance to remember all. Special five-banders were OH6QU and OH6RE that were 5 QSOs/nands in a row as a result of QSY! Excellent ops and good ears on 10/15 and daytime on 80.