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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: K7LAZ
Operator(s): K7LAZ
Station: K7LAZ

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Location: USA

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Total:55886162Total Score385,144


Club: Western Washington DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-01 02:53:15
Nice to work the WWDXC guys at VP5,,,Sounds like all the runs were good. My first scheduled attempt from home on CQ WW CW and I had fun but need a better plan next time re hours and bands to work (Simple eh? a band Plan and some sleep ahead of time) Turned the amp off at noon on Sunday and I think I did as well at S&P. K7EG Jim stated it best about the big RF hole re Zones and EU.. AF nnd Asia are fun but the little guys need the common EU countries to show.. Lotsa busted calls on the clusters and I can hear why...Really need to copy what you hear not what you read... Pretty simple for those that copy cw, but the high speed slang and computer enhanced CW makes it harder at times. Lotsa fun and will enjoy what the OT guys talk about when 10 and 15 return... K7LAZ Harry Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN 3.5 66 172 30 18 7 127 347 44 21 14 320 912 63 27 21 45 122 25 20 Total 558 1553 162 86 Score: 385,144