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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: WX3B
Operator(s): K3WI WX3B
Station: WX3B

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Maryland
Operating Time (hrs): 16
Location: USA

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Total:1832Prefixes818Total Score4,364,848


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-30 08:45:20
The 2017 running of the CQ WPX CW contest came about at the last minute with Bill K3WI and I decided to create a special category for those of us that have Memorial Day weekend plans…called the “Start of the contest” until about the end of the first day. This suited us fine, because K3WI is busy at work and getting ready for his next station building activity (congratulations on the new home, DELAWARE is about to have another very active big signal soon!). Bill and I started off on a high note: 40m was going great guns and I thought 80 would also be going great guns. I was half-right " 80 had huge reports from the EU skimmers at the start of the contest, however I could not hear most of my callers so I quickly QSYed to 20. Bill stayed on 40 all night and we both had enough by about 3:00am. 20m stayed open until then, and 80 was in good shape about 2 hours after the contest began. Bill was really hoping for a ‘real’ 15 meter opening and he kept pounding at that band the entire day Saturday until early afternoon. He did get a few EU runs going but NOTHING like previous years. We truly miss that band. We pretty much ignored 10 meters, and based on the scores, we did not miss much (understand Sunday was better for 10 anyway). We also ignored 160. 20 meters was in fantastic shape Friday night…even at 3:00am local time there were still plenty of signals CQing away. The morning opening was excellent, and we were LATE TO THE PARTY at 6:30am…it was obvious the band had been open for some time based on the big signals. Working JA and EU together is always a fun experience, and there was plenty of “where do I leave the antenna” moments with our one Yagi. We settled on about 20 degrees and left it there a long time. After Bill departed at 3:00pm or so, the sky opened up and a thunderstorm took WX3B off the air. About 90 minutes later, I put the final QSOs in the log, and noticed 15 was once again open to EU….in fact the skimmers reported a fairly good opening, however everyone in EU had already QSYed to the lower bands. 16 hours of GREAT FUN…in the books! 73, Jim WX3B