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CQ WPX RTTY Contest   2009   Feb 14   Claimed Score

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Call: KL8DX
Operator(s): KL8DX
Station: KL8DX

Class: SOSB/20 HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 22.75
Location: Other North America

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Total:5901385Prefixes314Total Score434,890


Club: North Coast Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2009-02-15 20:53:47
I need some MotrinĀ® after that one! Bands were horrible to say the least. Lots of deep QSB and it sure took everything I had to stay in the chair for the hours that I did operate. Total time on was just under 23 hours according to N1MM Logger. My max rates were anything but pleasing; 2009-02-14 0003Z - 2.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 120 per hour 2009-02-14 0023Z - 1.7 per minute (10 minute(s)), 102 per hour 2009-02-14 0102Z - 1.2 per minute (60 minute(s)), 71 per hour Had an opportunity to work over the pole into EU on both mornings but lots of auroral flutter making the path extremely hard to work. A big thanks to those that noticed the band conditions and did not just send their callsign or reports only once. Repeats were a big part of this weekend. Many would call, they would start out easily copyable and then fade to nothing. These conditions test any operators skill and patience. Even though I could use the cluster, I chose not to. Saw it all this weekend, the usual stuff we complain and read about but all in all, it was fun. Most interesting EU QSO was with G2YL. The callsign made me stop S&P'ing and look it up on Pretty neat information and photo posted by the current holder of that callsign. I was also glad to get Andrei, H7/NP3D right toward the end on Sunday. I know I busted a "2" callsign after importing my contest log into my logging program. Hopefully I did not bust too many more. Lots of activity from Asia (seemed more than normal). Standing room only on 20 when it was open, saw RTTY signals from 056 up to 145! Thank goodness for FSK and RTTY filters! It was fun also seeing my close friend and neighbor on, KL1SF! Just like the old days. Log will be uploaded to LOTW soon. Thanks again for the contacts and for the patience of those I worked. 73, Phil KL8DX Denali National Park, AK