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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2011   Oct 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KH7X
Station: KH6YY

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Oceania
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Other Oceania

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Total:14691195590Total Score33,543,050


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2011-11-09 22:46:22
What a great crew we had this year... I saw seriously unselfish altering of personal plans already made to see the sights on Oahu, in order to instead come to the station for many days before the contest to lend a hand with many things still needing to be done, from the vast majority of our visitors. This also goes for our home boys here, as this help was sorely needed with many issues showing up unexpectedly in the days prior. One of the adventures we had together was to get a very large, heavy, and cumbersome new 80m Yagi up and mounted on the tower on Thursday afternoon, when we fortunately got the calm conditions we had been waiting for for many weeks. KH6ND, KH7U, and NH6XO spent every weekend throughout the entire summer in order to get the tower, and antenna, properly prepared for this day... this beast is double handful, to be sure. K1XX - without the many hours and days Charlie spent at the station starting on Sunday prior, our aging computers would never have been up to the task. You must have a VERY understanding wife, please give her my heartiest thanks. K9NW - thanks for the conversation we had on the phone during the Dayton convention this year, and agreeing to join us. You did a superb job on 80m, and without your early commitment, the other cheeseheads might not have tagged along. I know you are not all from Wisconsin, but every USA guy with a 9 in their call looks cheesy to us out here. To "the G-boys" - You are all the epitome of the word "gentleman". Thank you all for your patience, and your 100% unselfish willingness to do so many things, before, and during the contest. You are ALWAYS welcome here. GM4AFF, if you ever decide to come back, wear the kilt that you sported at WRTC-2006, as I need my memory refreshed... The low bands were somewhat disappointing, opening much later than expected, and never really rockin' like the A and K values indicated that they could. Nevertheless, I saw this entire crew continue to pound away all weekend at their assignments with dogged determination. Perhaps part of the reason the other bands were not stellar, was that 10 meters was phenomenal, and a lot more activity overall was there for the weekend. I have never before seen 10m provide us with full blown long duration long path openings over the south pole to Europe on both nights of a major contest, until this weekend. On both nights, these openings started at 0500Z (7pm local) and lasted until 1200Z (2am local). As a result, we have by far the largest 10m QSO total ever seen from this station, and the largest EU percentage we have ever seen with a full 25% of 10m QSO's coming from EU... astonishing from this part of the globe. It was entertaining for all of us to watch K9PG and WE9V combine their talents with 2 headphones and one radio to do the lions share of the operating on this band. They have obviously done this before.... We all had a great time, and a great late lunch on Sunday at the best Mexican restaurant on the North shore. Having said that, this was a distant second choice to the incredible barbecue on the most beautiful, tropical rear deck of a house you have ever seen, customarily given to the crew by our gracious hosts, Alex and Michelle. They could not be in Hawaii for this weekend, and their company was sorely missed. Thank you, Alex, and Michelle, for allowing us to invade your home for so many days, even in your absence... we thoroughly enjoyed each others company, and the experience. And thanks to all of you out there reading this, for populating our log. Aloha! KH6ND