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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: 9G5ZZ
Operator(s): DL1CW
Station: 9G5ZZ

Class: SOSB/20 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 37
Location: Africa

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Total:94633108Total Score391,980


Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-01 02:23:18
Never thought that it could be worse then last year. YES IT COULD! Relatively good start in the first hours, but then silence. Morning slot to EU was not really working, and over the day I could not produce a recognized signal in EU. First evening brought less contacts to US/Canada and the Caribbean then expected. Getting KH7LC in first call, was the right moment to go for sleep. Beeing ready for the sunrise slot in the morning, turns soon into frustration. Even the big guns from EU were almost "under the carpet", complete desaster for a little pistol like me... Later the day it became a bit more normal and the run to W/VE in the evening, compensated a bit finally. Summary: Almost 400 QSOs less then last year, 2 more zones (33) reached then 2007 (Zone 01, 40 and 26 heard, but not managed to get into the log.) Almost 1000 QSOs less, and only half of the points, then back in 2003!!! (Same Rig, same QTH, same operator...) Blowing signals here: OK5R and CT1JLZ at any time. Special Thanks to: NQ4I, DL9SEV and DF1LON who obviously spotted me on Sunday around 12:00 z. It turned out as gaining me almost 70 QSOs, just by making other aware that the waek signal is probably a multi. (I saw it after the contest!) Could get only 2 of my team mates: 5H3EE and DL5YM... and congrats to CT9L and DF0HQ! See you back from Germany. 73, Arno - DL1CW/9G5ZZ R7000 Vertical, IC-706MkII CAT with microHAM USB Interface SD-Logger by EI5DI ----------------------- Team "Strausberg re-united"