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Minnesota QSO Party   2018   Feb 3   Claimed Score

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Call: NØR
Operator(s): NRØT
Station: NØR

Class: Mobile Single Xmtr LP
QTH: various
Operating Time (hrs): 9
Location: In State/Province

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Total:5261Mults49Total Score51,548


Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-06 02:02:55
Callsign: N0R Op: NR0T, Rolf Driver W0/OA4ABC, Taty Worked mobile from 17 counties in Minnesota. The following worked us more than 10 times: N2CU (NY) - 16 NW0M (MO) - 14 WX4MT (TN) - 14 k0AP (KS) - 13 N8II (WV) - 13 K1RO (NH) - 12 WA3HAE (PA) - 12 W5TM (OK) - 11 And for DX, OM2VL worked me 7 times on 20 and 40, and G3WGN once on 20. My only SSB QSO was with N0H (N0HJZ) when we were both in Pipestone (PIP) county. I could never get sustained runs on 20, hence the low number of QSOs. We took an hour off in the mid-afternoon (in Watanwan county) plus a couple of short bathroom/gas breaks before that. The average rate over the almost 9 hours of operation was 1 QSO per minute. Taty did 100% of the driving this year. We decided to modify our route for the last two hours to stay on major roads because the visibility was quite poor for a while. We didn't know how bad it might get and decided the minor roads we had selected for the end of the route probably weren't a good idea given the conditions. With the revised route, we operated from 17 counties. We took Hwy 169 from Mankato to the Twin Cities (the "not planned" part of the route) and that touches on Le Seuer (5 minutes) and Sibley (3 minutes). Since that wasn't on the original plan, you can see the QSOs from those counties are only 8 and 6. If we were to do this route another year I would stop in those counties for 10 or 15 minutes. We started the contest in Albert Lea (FRE) and spent the last few minutes of the contest in Dakota county. Here are QSOs by county: Blue Earth - 33 Cottonwood - 44 Dakota - 14 Fairbault - 30 Freeborn - 20 Hennepin - 21 Jackson - 31 Le Seuer - 8 Martin - 40 Murray - 52 Nicollet - 34 Nobles - 38 Pipestone - 35 Rock - 27 Scott - 39 Sibley - 6 Watanwan - 62 73 Rolf NR0T Taty W0/OA4ABC