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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 28   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): VE1RUS VE3KTB
Station: VYØERC

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Eureka, NU
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Canada

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Total:4683996Total Score179,820


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-30 14:39:32
We approached this contest with modest expectations. We expected to be louder as we were transporting an amp north, and we had some ideas on how to improve antennas. The amp arrived in good shape, but the hand-carried 3-500Z didn't as it appeared that the anode and cathode were shorting. Placing the amplifier in a non-standard position did allow for operation but originally only on 80m and 40m. On the second day, it decide to work on 20m as well! Our 80m vertical dipole did allow us to get on the band and we could hear lots of stations, but alas, we were not heard. 40m sloper and 20m Moxon together with the 5 band R5 vertical did okay for us. This year we added a rotator for the Moxon and that improved the 20m situation. On 40m, the 61 q's is by far our best effort on that band and while we didn't expect anything out of 15m the 3 contacts yielded 6 mults. The stars did align on the operating front and for the first time, we could maintain 48 hour coverage. So, our modest expectation was to beat last year and a hoped for 200 q's but in the end we more than doubled that and hopefully exceeding that of 2015. It's a modest score in comparison to other multi-single efforts, and our efforts will never overcome the reality imposed by a latitude of 80N and a location that is measured in 10s of kilometers from the geomagnetic pole. Our thanks to all that dug us out of the noise! Ps. In keeping with the educational component of our day jobs, we also are introducing some of our colleagues to the thrill of contesting. Some may have noticed a new "voice" from time to time. 73 de VE3KTB and VE1RUS