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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2014   Mar 29   Claimed Score

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Call: OG6N
Operator(s): OH6NIO
Station: OG6N

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: Mieto
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:2569Prefixes1187Total Score6,981,934


Club: Contest Club Finland

Comments:     [email]     2014-04-04 10:02:42
I did not have chance to sleep enough before the start so I had to sleep a bit longer than I originally planned and that ruined my operating plans. I spent Friday evening fixing the rotating system of my main tower. I partly managed to solve the problem but the tower would not turn properly. Something was stuck and I could not turn it towards Asia. Then it got dark and there was nothing I could do. My main beams were stuck westwards. I still had to prepare the shack before I could hit the sack. I woke up after 05Z and prepared quickly a sandwich and a mug of tea and started to S&P Asian stations on 15m with a low fixed beam pointed to JA. After a while I tried to run but I felt weak compared to the stack that I would normally have used. Around 07Z I was surprised to get a reply from N4WW and WE4H but nobody else from the states seemed to be aware of the opening. After a fruitless trial on 15m I moved to 20m and then to 10m where I had only a low 4 element beam fixed to south. The main tower would still not budge. About 0830Z I took a break and tried to force the tower manually but something was still blocking the lower guy wire ring. I lost some valuable operating time in these activities. Nothing resolved I came back to the house and had a bite. Then I returned to the shack and continued to S&P on 10m. Once in a while I tried to turn the main tower when lo and behold it started to turn properly again. Soon I QSY'd to 15m with my stack pointed to USA ready for the pileups. The rates never went very high for some reason but stayed between 80 to 110 Q/h. 1845Z the band went down and I needed a break. After that I moved to 10m to see if it was open anymore. The rates were not very good but the propagation was interesting. 21Z I had to take a break because of my voice and throat problems. I continued on 15m and when it was closed around 2315Z I moved to the lower bands because 20m was not very good. My 20m totals were disturbingly low. After toiling on the lower bands to get some double points I went to bed because I felt that I was losing my voice. I woke up next morning after 06Z which was already too late but finally I managed to work some USA on 20m. About 0730Z I moved to 15m to try to work some JA pileups because I was able to turn the stack towards Japan. There were some JA's coming through but not plenty so after 40 minutes I moved to see what 10m has got to offer from the east. The band was wide open and it was easier to work the stations there than what it was on 15m. After 10Z I moved back to 15m to secure a running frequency before the band opened into the states. W2OIB was the first one to come back to me at 1150Z and there was more to follow. Then it was time to move to 10m before 14Z. The pileup thinned out around 1930Z but there were many stations to be worked by S&P. Now even 15m and 20m were in poor shape so after a break I had to continue on 40m and 80m. 7M points was very close so I tried to push but finally missed it by only a mere 20k points. If I had been able to operate the missing 90 minutes that it took for the extra breaks I would have passed the milestone with flying colors. In all this was a memorable contest and I was surprised what I could do with just one radio, 700W and a compromised setup. I hope I'll manage to fix at least a few things in the long to-do list before the CW leg.