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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: K1RX
Operator(s): K1RX KF1V N9NC
Station: K1RX

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 44
Location: USA

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Total:3674145561Total Score7,154,604


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-01 11:09:54
Had hoped to mount a larger group effort but just did not pan out. So fearless and crazy, the 3 of us (Tom, Mark and I) decided to go for it in the MM category (as in the past)and forgo a M/2 to keep it simple. Hats off to Tom, N9NC for staying up nearly the entire time. Although Zone 34 would have been nice to bag as SU9NC, was very happy to have him banging away on the bands here! Plus he managed to make it home for a local "get to the know the neighbors" party. (Some kind of prep work for a future tower?) So he was out for Sat. late afternoon til 11 PM but was able to talk KF1V into coming back after he left Sat. morning to help. Happily, he did make it back and stayed long enough to keep me from getting too lonely (single op, 4 stations)! Only on Friday night through Sat. AM did we have the full staff (all 3 of us!). With Sunday being a slow day on average, I managed to setup two SO2R stations so we can be covering 4 bands at the same time (2 Op, 4 Radios)- one station was better equipped to do this while the other station used the classic two headphones on the head approach - looks weird (have pictures) but does work when you have one band actually producing Q's while the other is more like a beacon station with the very occasional caller. This made Sunday afternoon fun!(?). Some highlights: Saturday morning after struggling to work one JA on 80, very late in the opening (12Z or so) the band opened big time to Asia - best I have heard in years and proceeded to bag several more JA's, HL and B1Z and others in that part of the world! This after the op from that early morning struggle was then on 15 M, watching those Asia Q's being logged! He was shocked to say the least. Said to him, so what is the problem working JA on 80? :) Only real problem was just not enough bodies to put in the chair. Too bad as the conditions at least on 80 and 40 were wild! 20 M was the best for Q's I have ever seen although our totals don't reflect bigger numbers (what do you expect when 15 and especially 10 were nearly dead). Great rates on Sat and Sun morning - thanks to our EU friends for making this a real highlight! The week prior to the contest, managed to put up a second 40 M yagi fixed on Europe which proved pretty helpful when the larger 3 el. was pointed elsewhere. That was fun to do the quick switch from EU to the Pacific at certain times. Never saw such poor operating on 80 M with stations just jumping on the frequency and not moving after being asked. Even narrow filters just did not make up for the operating skill in play. And with stations as high as 3600, still not much room to squeeze in, however did manage to generate some reasonable numbers for this place. My thanks to those that operate this contest with style and skill - a real pleasure for sure! Thanks to our friends all over the world that make the CQ WW CW the best contest going on the planet! 73, Mark, K1RX