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North American QSO Party, CW   2018   January   Claimed Score

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Call: N9NB
Operator(s): N9NB
Station: N9NB

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: USA

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Total:899192Total Score172,608


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Comments:     [email]     2018-01-14 06:50:34
What a blast! This contest is always a lot of fun! Its the perfect length and not too obtrusive on one's sleep. I had hoped to be set up for SO2R, but one of the rigs is "in the shop" being serviced by Yaesu, so I am still a single radio operation. Hope to be SO2R in ARRL DX CW. Seems like its always something. When getting to the shack last night, I noticed a lot of motion in the north set of yagis, and it seems as if the north yagis might be pinwheeling from the rotor, or at least things are loose at the rotor brack. I need to check this out, but the cold wx is not going to be a friend to such an endeavor. Things went smoothly, except for when something went haywire with the 160 vertical, a high SWR event, right in the middle of a qso with K5ZD. Fortunately I have a 160 m dipole as a back up, always in the air and co-fed with the 80m dipole, and that allowed me to complete the qso in stride, and work a surprisingly good number of multipliers on top band. I have no idea what could have failed on the vertical. I ran outside in the dark and the cold during a break, and could not see anything obvious. Thanks everyone for the QSO's! everyone seemed to be in a good mood on the bands, and it was nice to work so many great contesters and leaders of our hobby. 73 ted n9nb