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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KN5O
Operator(s): KN5O
Station: KN5O

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 31.52
Location: USA

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Total:1121111356Total Score1,468,248


Club: DeltaDX Association

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-01 08:46:26
I had planned to operate my station as a multi-op this year with the DeltaDX Association. But it is a bad time of year in the USA to do this given the holiday weekend. However, I actually operated much longer that I thought or had planned. This was my very-first-ever "serious-effort" CQWW CW participation and all contacts were made S&P. I had a lot of fun, although the last 4 hours were not great. I wasn't feeling too well, having stayed up for almost 48 hours straight. At age 57, it's really getting hard to pull those all-nighters compared to those times during my college days. Unfortunately, lots of committments, chores, etc. occurred during the contest that only allowed me to operate for about 2/3-rds of the time. Found out way- too-late that N1MM cannot drive my FT-1000MP with only the CAT cable. Hmmm, should have checked that sooner, oh-well. So operated only with the PRO-III. I actually had a borrowed K3 side-by-side with the PRO-III (not in a SO2R configuration). I was somewhat "underwhelmed" with it, given all the hype over the specs, etc. In fairness, I've only played with it for a week, but I found the receiver (at least to my ears) to be no better in use than the PRO-III (with filter settings for 200 Hz in the presence of adjacent strong signals). I know that the actual test measurements show otherwise, but I did not observe that (when in use this weekend) to be the case. Given that, I'm going to wait to purchase another radio to replace my FT-1000MP until the new ICOM 7600 is released. Here in the "RF black hole of South Louisiana," 80M band conditions were awful Friday night with thunderstorms moving through the area. Lots of QRN even when using the Beverages, but even so, they helped a lot. Never did get the 160M inverted-L up as planned. 10M was non-existent for me the entire weekend. Additionally, 15M conditions were very poor. But 40M and 20M were supurb, with many Europeans nearly "pinning the S-meter." Otherwise things were uneventful except for the occaisional hitting of the wrong function keys on the keyboard, especially late in the contest when I was very, very tired. So thanks to all for the Q's - it was great to put you in my log. Rig: ICOM 756-PRO-III with Collins 30S-1 Antennas: 80M: 2-slopers @ 85ft, 40M: XM-240 @ 87ft, 20M,15M,10M: 5 element HyGain monobanders @ 100 ft, 88 ft and 73 ft respectively. Software: N1MM, V8.11.1