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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KL8DX
Operator(s): KL8DX
Station: KL8DX

Class: SOSB/20 HP
QTH: Alaska
Operating Time (hrs): 21
Location: Other North America

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Total:12102856Total Score219,156


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2008-11-30 21:06:49
Wow, that was stressfully fun! At the start of the contest; I only worked a handful of US stations and we had some very nice propagation toward Asia. So about 45 minutes into the contest, I turned the antenna that way. My path to Japan, China, and points that way is not the best due to the mountains that tower above me in that direction. I worked many JA's up through about 0300z. The band fell out and did not show signs of life until around 0630z. I worked 20 meters until 1000z with a handful of European stations heard and worked. Band was tough over the pole. I was not hopeful for Saturday but even though the DX pickings were slim here, the path to the lower 48 opened up at about 1730z. Lots of strong stations and many were the same signal strength so that added to the hardship of separating those calling. Since I am a DX'er getting my feet wet in contesting, this was a challenge. Not to mention, my code speed ain't the fastest. Anyhow... Saturday night and early Sunday morning the band was very quiet and hardly a peep out of Europe. Turns out that Sunday was going to be a good day, too. I had tried like heck to get 3X5A and D4C on Saturday but I could not break through the East Coast and EU wall. Sunday my luck changed and even though I could not hear very much at all out of EU, both 3X5A and D4C had great signals. I was able to snag them both one right after the other. From there, the bands only got better and Sunday was even better than Saturday as far as propagation to the lower 48. The band was crowded and lots of strong signals to contend with again. I know there were several Alaskan stations on and we all kept busy. There was also a nice echo effect on the bands up here on Sunday which made the bands sound like I was listening to them in a large room. OBSERVATIONS Even though I have operated CW contests for several years, they have normally been S&P and looking for new DXCC/ZONES/WAS/WAC, etc. My code comprehension sure gets pushed to the upper limits during these contests but I enjoy the challenge as I'm a lower speed CW guy. I appreciate the patience of those calling in as I attempt to perfect my contesting skills. I have also had some great advice from the contesting group up here in Alaska. With that, I have turned out my best score in any contest for over the last 20 years. I have been really motivated by the group here and I thank them greatly for their help and patience in answering my questions and giving advice; KL7RA, AL1G, N1TX, KL1JP, NL7Y, N5XZ, KL7FH(SK),and AL7IF to name just a few. I was not running QSK and therefore, when stations came back to my W?, often times their first letter(s) of their callsign were cut off. Sorry for the repeats and I see QSK would be a big benefit. Also, had several people calling at once so that added to some mixed up callsigns but hopefully I got them right in the end. HIGHLIGHTS Having lots of DX call in for some good double mults on Sunday. HC8N about blew the snow off the roof of my house. Working several old friends (want to chat but just ain't the time in a contest) and I know I worked many new callsigns. CW seems to be getting more popular IMHO! Working several fellow SKCC members who fired up their bugs and SK's to work me and many others. ( No equipment problems as everything continues to work great as maybe it is too cold for Murphy now? LOWLIGHTS Using N3FJP's software and my computer generated CW was having some issues. I had two speeds, 25 wpm or 15. Everything in between sounded like crap and I have not had any RF problems in the past. Believe it is more of a computer to software issue. Need to track that down before next year. I have used Scott's software for several years with great success so, it's probably time for a new computer. No good EU opening on 20 meters. In looking after the contest (no Skimmer or cluster used) I see a few worked me due to me being spotted as KL7DX which led to dupes. I had more dupes calling in this contest than any previous. Hitting the wrong Fkey on a handful of occasions so instead of sending my report, I started out with another CQ. Just can't hit that darn "Escape" key fast enough sometimes. Missing the pre and post contest conversations with Frank, KL7FH (SK) via e-mail. I totally enjoyed Frank's perspective on the contests. Even though Frank and I never personally met (almost did on one of his trips from Anchorage to Fairbanks) it just did not happen. Even though, he always treated me as a long time friend. Frank will be missed by many. FINALLY Thanks again for the contacts and sorry to those I may have missed. I will be looking forward to next year. From the heart of Denali, wishing everyone the best of holidays! I am listening to some Hinder, Three Days Grace, and Daughtry, in an attempt to get the CW out of my head. Phil KL8DX RIG: Icom 756PRO 1 ANTENNA: Mosley TA-34-XL @ 43 feet AMP: Ameritron AL-1500 SOFTWARE: CQ WW 2.6 COMPUTER: DELL with XP Home