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IARU HF World Championship   2016   Jul 9   Claimed Score

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Call: S5ØHQ
Operator(s): S5ØK S5ØO S5ØR S5ØU S5ØXX S51F S51FB S51V S51Z S51ZO S52AW S52X S52ZW S53F S53GO S53O S53WW S53X S53ZO S54W S55HH S55M S56M S57AW S57DX S57L S57UN S57Z S58D S59A
Station: S5ØHQ

Class: Headquarters HP
QTH: Slovenia
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Location: Southern Europe

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BandCW QsPh QsZonesHQ Mults
Total:81836638200303Total Score20,409,225


Club: Slovenia Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-07-11 09:30:22