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CQWW WPX Contest, CW   2017   May 27   Claimed Score

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Call: JT5DX
Operator(s): 9A5K JT1CO JT1DO JT7OB K1LZ K1ZM K3JO RN5M S55M
Station: JT5DX

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Other Asia

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Total:3900Prefixes1184Total Score15,360,032


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-28 21:17:31
This operation began on May 9th with the arrival at JT5DX of Adi S55M and Roman RN5M. When they got here there were 6 empty towers and a ton of work ahead of them. First in cold weather they began erecting 27 yagis - and then the weather turned to +36c and they sweated it out with the help of CHAK's support team here at the farm. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to credit them enough for what they managed to achieve in time for the arrival of the rest of the team. Basically, they worked almost 24 hours a day to complete the task. In the United States, in the meantime, Velimir K3JO, prepared all the interlocks and antenna switching which is the same as that used at K1LZ and at ED8X. In Croatia, Chris 9A5K, modified his DXLOG software which fully automates the switching and interlocking here at JT5DX. On May 22nd the rest of the team arrived which included K1ZM/K1LZ/|K3JO and the team completed the entire setup a few hours before the contest. In the meantime CHRIS 9A5K managed to complete the first-ever 6M EME moonbounce qso's with W7GJ and 12 lucky other stations. Needless to day, those managing to make the trip off the moon to here were thrilled - as were we! During the contest the first day was terrific with high rates and everything worked here in the station - then the A/K shot up and the bottom fell out of the polar paths - recovering a wee bit in the last few hours of the contest. Down on 160m, we managed to operate the first few nights using a 4el wire yagi and an 8 circle array - making over 275 stations around the world happy with the ZONE 23 zone. During the contest 160m was a sideshow and with the absorped conditions we only made a meager 3 qso's - pity! The last thing we need to say has to do with MONGOLIAN hospitality - and that of CHAK JT1CO who received us like brothers. The friendship between Chak JT1CO and Krassy K1LZ made this all happen and this this only the beginning. Now Chak's station is one of the best in ASIA and everyone will now be able to look forward to working zone 23 and the JT Asian multiplier going forward. Thanks to all for the qso's in the contest - CU in the next one. 73 CHAK JT1CO/JT5DX