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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: OK7K
Operator(s): OK1BN OK1DWP OK1GK OK1NS
Station: OK7K

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Sazena Aerodrome
Operating Time (hrs): 39
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:QSOs1783State/Prov48Countries93Total Score1,539,015


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-30 10:26:38
Our the best result in CQWW160 from OK7K ever. We set the taget 1600qso, 85/42 mults and over 1 million points. We passed 42 states during first night at 05:50 UTC and 1 million during Saturday at 19:00 UTC. We finished first night with 970 QSOs, 238xK and 30xVE, we enjoyed nice opening to states and to the west coast as well. We logged: 33xJA, 286xK, 34xVE, 181xUA, 46x UA9 329xNA, 8xSA, 1387xEU, 7xAF, 109xAS, 3xOC Rigs: RUN: FT-1000MP + PA MULT: FT-1000MP MarkV INTERLOCKED with RUN 2MULT: FT-1000MP MP - only for RX Antenna: Vertical @ 39m with 160 ground radials RX Antennas: Beverage 360m to USA (320 deg) Beverage 420m to USA (305 deg) Beverage 360m to Carribien (280 deg) Beverage 360m to South America (250 deg) Beverage 360m to Africa (170 deg) Beverage 360m to VK/ZL (080 deg) Beverage 320m to VK/ZL (080 deg) Beverage 360m to Japan (045 deg) Beverage 260m to North (015 deg) Beverage 180m to near East (135 deg) K9AY Loop More fun and motivation when everyone will be online with their score epecially TOP TEN stations..... Congratulations to other groups and their results. See you in SSB part of CQWW160. On behalf of OK7K group - Petr OK1BN