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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2017   Nov 25   Claimed Score

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Call: HH2AA
Operator(s): W2RE
Station: HH2AA

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Haiti
Operating Time (hrs): 15
Location: Other North America
Remote operation

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Total:156063213Total Score1,019,268


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-26 20:26:46
I can’t think of a better way to spend a day in the fall. This was incredible fun! Who is HH2AA? HH2AA is a special event station located in the mountains just south of Port-au-Prince. The suffix AA = Air Ambulance. The HH2AA is a group effort between the Haitian Radio Club, Felix HH2FX, Jean-Robert HH2JR and RemoteHamRadio. All the proceed using HH2AA on the RHR network is given back to the people of Haiti. About HH2AA: It located on a 6300' Mountain and is remote access only! It operates on solar power with a reliable fiber connection. It started in 2015 with a trip to Obleon Haiti to do a site survey of the location, It didnt take us long before we had an OCF @ 80' on a 100' tower and operational by remote access. This video doesn't do it justice but it gives you an idea. In early 2017 a new fiber connection was installed. This meant we could expand the station capabilties. Two weeks ago, Lee WW2DX and I traveled to HH2AA and installed new antennas. The top antenna was fixed NE (Europe) @ 66' Cushcraft A4's and A3's NW (USA) @ 33' on the 100' Rohn 45 tower. We also expanded the solar capabilty by adding more batteries. We didn't know what to expect but we anticipated it was going to be better than the OCF dipole. Photo: Back home in USA and preperation for CQWW. On our return back to NY we notice that the reliable fiber connection at the HH2AA site was down and no-timetable for its return. This was terrible news and dampened any dreams of a planned M/S, unfortunately it was called off. Meanwhile, my wife Lori seazed on the opportunity and made plans for a family get together on Sunday. I knew that I could play around a bit Friday and some on Saturday and made alternative plans to operate the Summit station in the Catskills remote. Miraculously, the fiber returned on Thanksgiving and the connection was solid. I played around with the new antennas on Thanksgiving day and all seemed great! I tried to get a team together last minute but it wasnt in the cards. I decided to operate P/T and give these new antenna a rip. What happened in the contest was not even in the realm of reality. The world must know HH2AA is on solar power and its a must to get them in the log while you can. I made this assumption based on the craziness. The pileups were ruthless and operating split for obvious reasons in a contest is not a good idea. I tried every method to control the madness, maybe a seasoned operator on CW could have handled this better but I was clearly over my head. Unfortunately, I couldn't hide high in the band to control the rate because of skimmers. The only thing that worked was run a bit and once the pileup beacme uncontrollable was move to another frequency. A look at the skimmers (RBN's) suggests that HH2AA even with 100W is doing well in EU, USA and Asia. The JA's were super loud even on 40M! Its evident the station capabilty is beyond expectations. Whats next? The RHR team is heading back to HH2AA in Dec/Jan to install 50' R45 tower with 6M5 6M antenna and MomoBeam Penta for 10/12/15/17/20 on a rotor. I think its very possible to do an SO2R operation from HH2AA in the future with the new antennas and upgraded solar. Its something we may consider if we continue to expand. The remote technonlogy is getting better. Its now possible to operate a station in another country and have a blast! I pinch myself every time I turn the radio on and the banner flashes welcome to HH2AA on my K3-Mini or any other site I operate remote. I would like to thank Felix HH2FX, Jean-Robert HH2JR, Ayiti Air Anbilans and the RHR development team for access to this wonderful station. Without this joint effort this wouldnt be possible. Thanks for all the Q's Ray W2RE