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California QSO Party   2017   Oct 7   Claimed Score

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Call: K6WSC/6
Operator(s): K6WSC
Station: K6WSC/6

Class: SOCntyExp LP
QTH: Borrego Springs, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 17:37
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:4960Mults50Total Score74,400


Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-10 11:19:56
I had so much fun as a single-op county expedition in the 7QP I wanted to do it again in the CQP. In the 7QP, I operated in the next county which was all of a 30-minute drive from my house. The CQP would involve at least a four-day trip. I started looking for a suitable site (120vac, space to set up my antenna, surrounding terrain, showers, food, etc.) in Imperial and later Riverside county. No location met all of my criteria, so I started looking in the next nearest county, San Diego and choose a site in Borrego Springs. San Diego is not exactly a rare county, but CA is a big state and the southern quarter of state only has four counties. Maybe next time I can make it a longer trip and activate one of the rare counties. The antenna was a 40-10m fan dipole with the center at 20 feet. The rig was TS-590S. The air temperature got to 97 degrees. I am always amazed at how hot the rig can get and still keep working. The rig did quit working however when I moved my feet and the ground strap between the rig and the power supply contacted the plus side of the supply. I quickly fixed that problem. I worked 50 of the 58-possible state and Canadian area multipliers, with AZ being among the missing. The CA county count was 33, all on 40m except for my neighbor in Imperial county K6QK, both of us on the inland side of the coastal mountains. The DX count was 13. The food part of it did not work out so well. The park I was staying in did not get their kitchen operational when they said they would. I could not drive my vehicle (Honda Odyssey) to get food as it was part of the antenna support system. I survived on a bag of carrots and a few energy bars for 48 hours. It was lots of fun. Thanks to the CQP sponsors for a great QSO Party. 73, Bill K6WSC