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ARRL January VHF Contest   2018   Jan 20   Claimed Score

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Call: KM4KMU
Operator(s): KM4KMU
Station: KM4KMU

Class: SO FM LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.5

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Total:4815Total Score915


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-27 15:31:34
Since I could not get clearance in time from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to operate in the National Radio Quiet Zone (they eventually came through with an OK on Thursday before the contest) I decided to operate from FN00RG, the Blue Knob ski resort outside Altoona Pa. I had high hopes for this site. Being a 150 miles further north with a great line of sight I should be able to reach grids in NY, NJ, Ohio, along with much of PA, Va, Md and have a much larger population of hams to work. I had 22 grids inside my demonstrated range from this altitude and several major population centers (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Philly, DC, Richmond etc). With some luck I might even be able to reach a VE or two. I got there Friday night and did a quick survey of the croweded parking lot up top with my mobile radio and omni's. Noise was S7 at my desired spot on the crest from the flood lights on the slopes and the ski lift motors. The flood lights in the parking lot and noisy ignitions from all the cars were a problem too. I settled for a spot 20 feet below the crest to the south on the edge of the lot midway between two flood lights. I had a long metal roofed building to my north well above my antennas blocking signals from the NW, N and NE. Two hours into the contest the XYL rolled up (we rented a room at the Inn a mile down the road) and after looking over the location she announced "I think your going to get skunked". She was right. Highlights of the contest: 1) WB3CEH cued up a big group hams on a nearby frequency and acted as a controller passing them over to me to prevent a pile up. Most had me 20 over S9. I only heard two of them. Most were in valleys and noise prevented me from picking up the signals. 2) W4JST set up his mobile rig with an antenna trailer outside Richmond VA and we did a 194 FM QSO. 3) K3QNT, a director for a local FM rock station after making an exchange drove up to my site and interviewed me for a spot on the Monday news that aired on the hour from 0800 to 1200 local. He sent me a nice audio file too. 4) When I set up Saturday morning it was very cold with winds gusting around 50mph. The mast went up easily and was super stable. The manual rotator was smooth as butter and turned easily. The aerodynamic balance of the 12 foot beams around the mast was almost perfect. I did some SSB contacts with contesting stations that had limited FM and to kill the boredom. SSB QSO Pts Multi 6M 3 3 2 2M 7 7 5 70cm 3 6 10 13 16 10 (160) Around 2300 local the lift shut down, the lot emptied, the lights went off and the noise fell silent. So did FM. I packed it up the next morning and had a great day with the XYL antiquing and visiting relatives. It was fun, not what I expected, but that happens. All in all it was a great weekend and it was nice to be outside of the DC metro area for a few days with the XYL. Lots of points and multi's scored there. Thanks to all who tried and to those who made the scheds and coordinated with me. I hope you had a lot better luck than I did. 73 -- KM4KMU