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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2014   Mar 29   Claimed Score

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Call: K9CT
Station: K9CT

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:7727Prefixes1703Total Score32,544,330


Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2014-03-31 08:28:38
Wow...we had a blast in the is contest! The conditions were only fair in the first 24 hours but improved the last 24 hours for us. Activity was very good with many prefixes on the air. Our team goal was to break the 1980 W9 record set by W9ZRX team. We had never done a M/M from K9CT but decided that it was "rate" contest and that we would be able to utilize our setup for that purpose in this contest. K9CT contest is optimized for M/2 or M/1 operation. The team was assembled right after my return from FT5ZM and it was exciting to see that conditions have been very good. Each person expressed their excitement for what could be done under the right conditions. The contest started well but as usual the early hours were not as fast as we would like. There had been some solar activity that absorbed most Asia signals on the high bands and few JA were worked. EU was working each other on the other bands so it was harder to we went up and down each of the lower bands trying to snag the QSOs. Both K3WA and N7MB spelled the team during the night and chased down many QSOs on 40, 80 and 160. It was a pleasant surprise to have a good opening on 15m to EU in the early morning hours. Saturday morning we had hoped for rate on 20, 15 and 10 but the flare had throttled back the time of the openings and intensity. 20 and 15 finally allowed us to run but at less rates than anticipated. 10 was a disappointment as we could only work S&P on a SE path for most of the morning. By 1600Z we could finally call direct to EU and hold a run frequency. We watched as NQ4I was running all morning and we could not match their QSO total or mults. By 1300Z we had surpassed the old W9 record....and now what? Our M/2 record was set in 2013 and embarked on beating our 13.5M points and 1307 mult records. Each operator was having a blast running as we were not limited by band changes any more...we were on three bands most of the time and would try to be on a fourth if possible. The morning and evening grey line periods were very good. We could have used 5 radios to catch all of the action....(next time?) Anyhow, it did not take long for us to overcome the M/2 W9 records. The team was getting word that the band conditions were now improving as looked forward to better conditions. We quickly setup two stackmatches in the shack to allow operators to be in two different directions...need to figure out a better way to handle this for next time. The openings to JA, OC and AS were much better on the second night. Long opening to JA on 10m with our best rates so far. Stations were cranking away on 20, 15 and 10 for many hours into the night. This was tough as we needed to get more QSOs in the log on the low bands where the high QSO points were waiting. 40 was very good but 80 and 160 were tough....lots of noise greeted us each night from spring storms across NA. This is where a 5th radio setup would have been quite helpful. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the rate was quite high after the operators each had a Bud Light.... The team started early mentioning our other frequencies to callers and it was accepted very well. Lots of stations moved to other bands...most of our 160 QSOs were moved there from 80 and 40 QSOs. We had several stations who were #1,2 and 3...obviously they had as much fun as we did working them. Thanks to all of the stations that did work us on many bands! We also had several ham visitors during the weekend. Two were new contesters and sat with our ops and listened to them operate. Both were encouraged to sit at an open radio and operate....KC0TOT and KB9PPY made several fact did a great job! KC0TOT and his wife, KD0EKA joined SMC during his stay. Again N7MB and K3WA filled in on the second night so that our operators could get some needed sleep. KC0TOT also filled a seat during the night and helped out. Operators were anticipating good runs in the morning when they awoke. And they were not disppointed....Sunday was a better day. 20 started early with 15m close behind. 10m opened quickly and was there all day. Good LP openings to AS and OC on 20m as well. The team kept at it and watched as WX3B joined the online scoring on Wow..all day horse race. NQ4I had a good lead on us but WX3B was in our zone. It was back and forth all day....Jim's team got an early jump with the east coast advantage to EU. But we pressed on not knowing that all of us would surpass the USA mark set by KM3T team in 2000 and the prefix record of K1LZ set in 2010. Matt, KB9UWU was to leave with an hour early to make it to a band practice. No way was he going to leave the chair! He kept pounding away...each operator was pleading for mults and QSOs like mad! We watched the live scores like the finish to many of the NCAA basketball games this weekend....back and forth with WX3B. We held our collective breath as the clock ticked to the end. We resynched and rescored the log and uploaded our final score....just squeaking by WX3B. Just like a last second shot from half court swished through the net. Now to find out how accurate we logged... :-)! Thanks for all of the team members... K3WA, K9CT, K9QQ, K9ZO, KB9OWD, KB9PPY, KB9UWU, KC0TOT, N7MB, WE9V for their comradery during the 48 hours. The food and conversation were great. Also, thanks and congratulations to the teams of NQ4I and WX3B for a fun weekend! We truly enjoyed the competition. 73, Craig K9CT