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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: OP4K
Operator(s): OM5UM ON4FG ON4JZ ON5TN
Station: OP4K

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Antwerp
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:2984114378Total Score2,679,924


Club: ACC Antwerp Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-08 15:48:15
We all were very happy to be invited by Joe ON4JZ (OP4K) for the CQ WW CW contest. The small team of 4 operators (ON4FG – Stefaan, ON4JZ – Joe, ON5UM – Jim, ON5TN – Karel) decided to give it a go in the M/S section. Due to no space for a second set of antennas to do decent multiplier chasing there is no alternative for now in the multi section. We are thinking about building smaller antennas on a lower and partly screened roof as well as the necessary filters for the multiplier station. For now we have to settle with the big OptiBeam OB18-6 @ 50m for 40 up to 10m and an inverted Vee also @ 50m apex perpendicular on USA for 80m. 160m always turned out to be the most difficult band to achieve even for some small results. But as I am retired and not living far from Joe I had the possibility to visit several times in the past months Joe’s QTH to study the terrain and come up with a valuable solution to the 160m problem. Joe was getting the permissions from the neighbors to stretch some long DYNEEMA “rope” from the top of the tower @50m to a distant point and so we ended up with a vertical space of 26,5m @ 8m over ground. A top loaded (T) vertical was build with DX Wire and finished with only 1 radial (37m long). After some tune and prune we had the antenna resonating on 1830 kHz with an SWR of 1.5/1 @ feed point. This value turned out to be very acceptable as the “flattening” line of coax was more than 80m long to reach the radio. SWR @ Fres was 1.1/1 .Great. But we knew that the only problem would be the screen to the Southern 150°. This proved to be correct as we did not work many stations from Africa. Even 4L0A did not get in the log. So, maybe we will have to find a solution for this missing part in the future but then we are talking about crossing a large avenue. Most probably this will be not feasible. All things set in time we had some spare time left to look into some future projects and there are many in the books now. We started on 40m and stayed there for 2 hours until we moved to 160m to check out the new aerial and it proved to be much better than the previous ¼ wave sloping. Now we could at least make some nice runs and soon the qso total was over 150. So, time to go to 80m and check it out. There also things went well and soon after switching back and forth between the low bands we had our sunrise that took us to20m. Maybe we could have done some more stateside runs into the sunlight hours on 40m. First hours on Saturday were on 20m, switching to 15m but signals were rather weak and runs were difficult .Switching operators was very smooth and we all had a lot of fun. It turned out that 20m would be the band to stay on most of the time on Saturday and forget about 10m. No signals were heard there, strange! The 20m band closed very early Saturday evening and we found ourselves fighting for a frequency on 40m already at 17.25 UTC. This would continue for the rest of the weekend as it seemed that for many 40m was the best band to open and close the daylight. Many multipliers were available but we missed a lot of them due to good runs and no second station available. Night time came and we switched between 40 and 80m before going to 160m at midnight UTC. Until I was relieved by Karel ON5TN I had one of the most difficult shifts in my whole contesting career. Running the station was very difficult between 00.00 UTC and 03.50 UTC. Still don’t know why but it really didn’t take off. Some good runs followed on 40 and 80m before going to 20m for the rest of the day. No visits to 15 or 10m on Sunday. It was not worth the effort. OP4K ended its operation on the low bands but unfortunately the 3000 qso target was not reached as we fell 16 qso’s short. The multiplier counter stopped at 492 and so we knew that a big score was not for this time. The whole team was feeling happy with the score and with another nice experience amongst friends. Now it’s time for more new stuff. Spring 2009 will tell. Thank you all for the Qso’s and we hope you all did well. Of course we are sorry for those who tried hard to be in our log but unsuccessfully. Thank you again Joe and your wonderful parents for the hospitality. Best 73 and Happy Holidays, ON5UM / OP5T on behalf of the OP4K team QSL ok via bureau via ON4JZ or if you prefer direct, see or