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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: OM2Y
Operator(s): OM2IB OM2KI
Station: OM2Y

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:QSOs1548State/Prov36Countries90Total Score1,104,516


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-30 10:29:54
Semi field day style of contest. We started build all antennas just 2 days before the contest. On Friday afternoon we had ready 23m TOP loaded vertical and 5 beverages. It was not easy job in snow conditions in only two men - me and my brother OM2KI. Dismantled everything on Monday. Everything worked fine during the contest, except of most important W/VE beverage first night. It was very noisy, 59+ QRM, probably due to nearby power line. W/VE's we had worked during this time we heard with South America beverage. Surely we missed couple of W/VE mults and dozens DX QSOs. On Saturday we moved beverage about 50m far away of power line and then worked fine. But unfortunately condition on second night to US worsened dramatically. BAd conditions to East both days. No one JA on Saturday evening. In total 12 JAs compare to 59 last contest. Mults such a VU, YB, HS came on Sunday evening. No VK/ZL this year. Highlights was called by HK, LU, 5H3, ZS, PY A7, A6. Anyway we are very satisfied with final result. Jan OM2IB