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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 28   Claimed Score

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Call: PZ5K
Station: PZ5RA

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Lelydorp, Suriname
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: South America

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Total:11128166618Total Score25,126,416


Club: 1/6 Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-04 09:28:46
Our apologizes for a late submission. The team left Suriname at various times on Tuesday with most arriving home on Wednesday. We're just now beginning to catch our breath. A very special thank you goes to Ramon, PZ5RA, for letting us invade his station once again. This is the third visit for some of the team members, while the first for others. "Team Parbo" (a name that seems to have stuck with us) has operated together in various forms from various locations over the years, however, this was the first time all of the PZ5K team members had operated together as one team. Despite this slightly different dynamic, we came together as if we had been doing this for years. Discussions for this contest began a year ago after our PZ5K M/S entry in the 2016 CQWW SSB. Further discussions were had after the PZ5K entry in the 2017 ARRL SSB contest. Rog, G4BVY, put floated the idea of building a Quadplexer that would allow optimum use of the two HF tri-band yagis that were available at the station. The thought was that if we could feed both antennas, we would be able to take advantage of the propagation that is often open to both NA and EU at the same time. In addition, we wanted to take advantage of the K3's diversity receive capability. With the use of high power bandpass filters and the Quadplexer, we were successful in taking full advantage of all antenna hardware available. We were also pleased with how the diversity system worked. With the use of audio switching, we were able to have NA in one ear and EU in the other. It was interesting that in some cases EU was stronger on the NA antenna and NA on the EU antenna. We also set up partner mode at one of the run stations. This allowed two ops to queue up stations and was particularly effective when one op was listing on the EU antenna and the other was listening on the NA antenna. While we are beginning to learn the capabilities of Ramon's fine station, we also continue to learn how we might improve. We know we left a lot of multipliers on the table - particularly in band mults. We'll continue to work on improving our effort in that department. We also feel we didn't utilize the mult station as well as we could have. This will be another opportunity for improvement. Overall, we're extremely pleased with the result. We were fortunate and only had one brief power outage that lasted for about a minute. Congrats to the team at CN2R for a fabulous score despite their own power and other issues. And a special thanks to everyone that gave us a call, without you the fun of this contest would be short lived. On behalf of "Team Parbo" (PZ5K), Kelly - N0VD