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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2016   Nov 26   Claimed Score

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Call: ZM4T
Station: ZL3IO

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Kiwi-DX-Lodge
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: VK/ZL

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Total:3912141422Total Score6,437,342


Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-11-30 15:38:06
That was our first multi op effort since a long time. A huge effort went into rebuilding the station at the new QTH over the last 2 years. Especially the antenna situation has improved. While we are still far away from being ready it was time to give it try and find potential for improvement and optimization. And there is a long list of new tasks now... Gary - Zl2IFB and I were the only full time op's. Stan - ZL2ST helped a lot to get the station automation working(even so it was only temporary and improvised for the contest). At the end he spend all his time on working tasks and didn't make a single QSO before he had to leave us again. Thanks Stan! Mike - ZL2MY was inactive for a while and manned the multiplier station for most of day one to get beck into the rhythm. Day two saw him then also on the run radio. Our chicken Xenia - ZL4YL (15 years young) did her first real multi op contest and we were lucky to have her around. While we were still doing antenna work, cabling etc. well into the contest she would sit on the running station and keep up the rate. During our local Sunday morning she spend 7 hours non stop in the chair of the run station allowing Gary and myself to have a split between multi station and a rest after an exhausting non stop activity from Friday till Sunday morning. Out of those seven she run three hours non stop at a rate of >120 which is a good rate for a ZL station! You need to have our location and distances to the rest of the world in mind. To VK6 from here is the same distance like East-Coast US to DL! KH6 or FO is from us as far away as the Mid west from central Europe. And those are our next neighbors and 1 point QSO's! The contest was good fun and an unexpected good result for the conditions. It was the first time that we felt reasonably loud on 80m. 77 DXCC from ZL on 80m in a CQWW is unheard of! 40m seemed to be open around the clock. We left 20m most of the time to the multi station and spent most time on 40/15 m. 10 m showed short periods of life but with very deep QSB. We had no antenna up for 160m. The second beam on tower one was only installed 30 minutes before the contest start and wind was picking up again to 70-80 km/h for the whole contest. All further antenna work had to wait for safety reasons. Murphy paid us a visit 6 hours into the contest and one of the KPA500's gave up with smoke signs. Otherwise all equipment worked as expected. Run: K3 + KPA500 Mult: K3 + (KPA500...) Ant: 80: 4 square 40: 2L/2L 20: 3L/3L/2L 15: 3L/3L/2L 10: 4L/4L/2L 73 Holger, ZL3IO/ZM4T