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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: YT7AW
Operator(s): YT7AW
Station: YU7BPQ

Class: SOSB(A)/40 HP
QTH: Novi Sad
Operating Time (hrs): 35
Location: Eastern Europe

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Total:200038151Total Score640,000


Club: Worldwide Young Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2008-12-04 16:22:04
Hell of a contest...really just came to QTH on late thursday, noticing that all of equipment is ready to run (3el wire USA and 2el wire JA) and my plans were to put up two more 2el wire beams for Africa and South America, and maybe a vertical. Friday was, I guess, the windiest day this year...Up on a 35 meter high roof it really does make a difference. I've only managed to put up a vertical antenna, which accidentaly broke just half an hour b4 the contest started. Even with that wire on the roof and 3 radials I could hear AF much better than on other two antennas...whatever...I will use it as a RX antenna. I started running low power, and after four hours and about 350qsos logged, I decided to get an amp and start running HP. till 11am and my first brake I logged arround 900q's, 29 zones and about 115 dxcc's which was fine. After 2 hours of brake JA starts running. nice and early openings to far east brought a lot of nice mults. at 10PM I made another short brake just to get ready for bunch of US. A bit after 11PM I started a nice run of three pointers. and everything was going so well untill 2AM, when my amp showed 650W of reflected power...3el USA broke...probably the wind, I said. with no possibility to get out on the roof that late (it's really hard to get the key that late), I thought that the contest is over for me...and I went for a good sleep...till 10AM. the only antenna left is 2el wire beam pointed to JA. about 1400 qsos were in the log...and I said 'why not'. quite low daytime rates didn't put much QSO's in the log, but I kept trying. it is fun anyway. I had so much trouble to get ve2xaa/2 for my 38th zone multiplier calling him with 2el JA. but after about 20 minutes he was in the log. after that hard QSO I decided to make a quick dipole and just throw it out through the window of my shack at the nineth floor. First QSO made with it was R1ANR for a new mult :) And it helped a lot with some NA stations... finally, at 11:14PM qso nr 2000 was in the log, and I've shut down the station. highlights of the contest: KL7AC came on my CQ, as well as H44, EL, EY and probably some more nice mults. reaching the mark of 2000q's with Murphy all around. possibility to work JA during the whole day! West coast coming in on long path 'till late evening hours... simply, propagations were great. I'm just sad that my main antenna broke in the middle of US opening, leaving only about 300 US in my log. but 90 JA's, 16 BY's (nice surprise), and nice number of Africa in the log... anyway, I've just recently moved to another city, and already have some land on a small hill top, so I guess I'll do something usefull with it :) 73's and CU Goran, YT7AW