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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2005   Oct 29   Claimed Score

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Call: P4ØW
Operator(s): W2GD
Station: P4ØW

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 42
Location: South America

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Total:6505127419Total Score10,414,404


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2005-11-11 16:51:46
Station: IC756ProII, Tentec Titan 1KW, Antennas: Force12 Monobanders 20/15/10, C4, 3 ele 80M wire yagi, 4 ele 40M wire yagi, 2 ele 40M wire yagi, 160M vertical dipole, 160/80 inverted V, 4 beverage rx antennas NE, NW, E/W, N/S This was my 45th contest effort from Aruba, and it was just as much fun as the first CQWW CW way back in 1986. How time flys! Arrived the Monday afternoon before the contest on a non-stop USAir flight from Philadelphia. Hurricane Wilma forced some changes in the route of travel (we flew over Puerto Rico instead of HI8 to avoid the storm) but otherwise the flgiht was totally routine. Many of the passengers on board had been rebooked from other airlines (mostly American Airlines) because all flights through Miami had been cancelled. Upon arrival at the station I was relieved to find the yagis on the two towers all still intact since my last visit in May for WPX CW. The only damage found was a broken beverage wire that ran through a thick cactus patch. Used the remaining daylight to run feedlines to the NE and NW beverages, and to string up the far 100M of the NE beverage. Once the sun goes down, its definitely NOT safe to be working out amongst the cactus, unless of course you enjoy indiscriminate accupuncture treatments. Cleaned up and headed off to Tony Romas restaurant for a hearty dinner and to watch the World Series. P40W is not your typical plug and play operation. While not attended by K4UEE (P40R) or myself, all antenna feed lines and control cables are removed from the station and either left taped and coiled at the tower bases or disconnected and stored indoors. We also relocate the ends of many wire antennas so they are within property boundaries when not in use. All in all, over 2,500 feet of cables need to deployed and routed to the station, the ends of wire antennas stretched out and secured, and the towers climbed to release 'manual' breaks securing the masts. Working at a steady pace, nearly all of the cabling, rotator and wire work was completed on Tuesday as planned. The influence of Tropical Storm Beta was being felt however, there was practically no wind - making it very hot. Andy, P49Y/AE6Y arrived in the afternoon and we got together for dinner. Wednesday was spent sorting out the 4 element 40 and 3 ele 80M wire beams hung from a catanary rope between the tower towers, aimed at EU, and also repairing the broken EU beverage wire through the cactus. It took several hours to get all of the ends strung out and properly positioned. Conditions before the contest were really quite poor. There were no visible sunspots and the SFI was hovering below 70. Ten meters was virtually dead except for some SA and late afternoon US openings. At night, the low bands were in fair shape, but the QRN from that tropical storm heading for YN-land was building. Even on the beverages, the S-meter hovered at S9+. In the hope of finding some more relief from the low band QRN, I put up new beverages N/S and E/W on Thursday. In practice, they added some rx flexibility, but didn't provide much relief from the QRN. Friday was the do very little day.....had lunch with Andy, P49Y, dropped off the rental car, and took a long afternoon pre-contest nap. But when I awoke, the new N/S beverage was 'DOA' . Spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why without success. Had to rush to get things ready for the start.... Had a terrible first few hours. 20M went dead within minutes of the start....had to slide down to 40 way too early for my liking. Felt out of sync right from the beginning. Went to 160 and 80....noise noise and more noise...bad crashes, but managed a fair run of US and EU nonetheless. Later went back to seemed to come back at 04Z. Finally got into gear on 40M during the 0500 hour....but already felt well behind the pack. The 40M 4 ele. beam aimed at EU had stopped working (5 to 1 SWR) so had to depend on the C4 rotatable dipole on 40M for EU the rest of the weekend. Slept 2 hours 08-10Z but really didn't feel tired. 15M was the money band all day Saturday. Kept checking 10M for signs of life. Heard PYs and LUs running EU but not a whisper on P4. Finally at 2000Z 10M opened to the USA, and it was off to the races with a 320 hour and over 500 qsos in less than 2 best rate of the weekend, virtually all Z4 and Z5, with a smattering of Z8 and Z9. Finished out the first day on 20M with a few decent hours (287 and 224 respectively). Lost my focus over the first few hours of day rates show it. Drifted into S&P when I should have been running....somewhere. This is not new for me...especially during Phone contests. The noise and QRM were just not fun....and finally took another sleep break 07 - 1030z. Overslept 1.5 hours...despite two alarms buzzing in my ear... Picked up some addl 40M mults at sunrise...then headed to 20M for some easy EU mults. Knew I was a bit short on mults/qsos on 20, so decided that would be the place to close out the weekend. 15M was again the band of the day, and it seemed wall to wall. Spent much of the morning below 21200. Kept cking 10M but it never openned to EU .... a major disappointment. Finished out the weekend on 20 as planned with a string of 200+ hours. After the contest, it was a treat to enjoy the traditional post-contest dinner with Andy, P49Y. Congrats to 8P1A/W2SC and VY2PA/W4PA for their solid SOAB HP efforts, and to KK9A/P40A for his never say die LP crusade. I'll be QRV from P40W again during CQWW CW. QSL to N2MM. 73, John W2GD/P40W Slow moving Tropical Storm Beta located just off the coast of Honduras produced copious amounts of low band QRN all weekend....