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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: N5FO
Operator(s): N5FO
Station: N5FO

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Tyrone, NM
Operating Time (hrs): 27.5
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs1105State/Prov59Countries31Total Score307,980


Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-29 19:57:14
WHAT A GREAT CONTEST! Many "First"s on this one for me: First serious SO 160 contest First using N5IA-Milt's (SK) 2016 CQ160 notes as a band-plan First entire contest with a single Equipment, Antenna, Software or PC Failure First true test of the new 160M Sloping Dipole First use/test of newly extended EU Beverage (660ft to 920ft) First experience of a good 160M EU opening & run! Due to packing for a trip this week to Tucson, I delayed the start by and hour, probably not missing much. The action was steady until 0230, the east coast & east central contacts start to slow. 0325-surprise, a strong EF8R calls, followed shortly by VY2TT. 0400 I start hearing a couple of very weak 14&15's on an S&P scan, but no joy, they don't hear me. 0452, I barely hear E7DX, no contact. Between 0505-0538 S&P scan yields DA0WRTC,TM5,OL1,G5W and busting a big pileup, HG8DX. Back to runnin form 0612-0825 nets KH6,CR3,PA3,DK6,G5again,EA5,TM6,VY2again,EI4 and the elusive stateside DC mult. Things really slow down so at 0830 I take a 30min needed break. Back in the chair, I start listening more towards JA-land but get surprised by a YV1 at 0916. The first JA (of a very poor showing) comes at 1033 followed quickly by the KH7 giving WAS at 10:57. JA's trickle in along with many US dupes as the crashes from the NW storms get stronger. At 1405 I pitch the towel in on the first night with 14-1/2hrs producing 739/59/20. Heard but missed were: EF6,S52,E7. A strong 1st night for me, with the exception of the low country count. I opted to start Saturday night at 0-zulu, due to higher noise & static tonight from the NE. It certainly would seemed the new beverage lenght helps on signals, but also has a slightly higher noise level. The diversity receive was a boost on many weak signals, and unlike "normal" single-radio SO2V, added the ability to hear both receivers (one in each ear) immediately after finishing each CQ. In spite of fresh energy and critical listening, not many "new" stations were to be had, with only 36 Q's in the 1st hour. (so are all the East Coast folks watching TV or something? At 0117 the J68 calls, so weak the diversity makes this one possible! I scan to move the CQ freq, and realize I could really use N2IC's Waterfall Bandmap right now, but was unable to get it going last week due to PC USB issues. (yes, a new Intel NUC PC will be in place for next contest season). The 02-0300 hour only adds NP9 and 14 Q's as the band really slows. The next 3 hours have dimished weak signals, with decreasing noise, but more "crashes" with no new mults and less than 100 new Q's. At 0600 I start a new S&P scan listening "deep" in the 1814-1820's range and pick off the E7,G5W,G4,DK0 & SM4 at 0751 while noticing EU signals getting louder. I figure I need to find a good run freq for what might be a EU run starting and settle at 1814 for what turns out to be a fantastic next hour! Yes! 44 Eurpoean & British Isles answer my CQ, obviously hearing me well across the pond! I recall thinking "oops I must on the wrong band - 20M?" The only call I missed was CT1JGA, he just disappeared after calling me once. The next 4 hours (0800-1200) brought a very slow trickle of mostly weak JA's (and USA's) with the only surprise picking off a very strong RA0FF calling a lonely CQ just below 1810. I made a note this was the weakest JA signals ever. The last JA was at 14:17 with only 45 other Q's added in that last 2hrs, closing the log with a 160 contest that will be remembered for the best EU run in my life! And, to add to the enjoyment, done with only a sloping wire dipole (90ft at the tower to 15ft at the end) and only 3 non-Bidirectional beverages! (NE,NW,SE only)