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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 28   Claimed Score

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Call: 6Y1LZ
Operator(s): 6Y1GC 9A5K K1LZ K2SSS K3JO S55M
Station: 6Y1LZ

Class: M/S HP
QTH: 6y
Operating Time (hrs): 45
Location: Other North America

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Total:7982151533Total Score12,892,716


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-01 14:27:07
We went in Jamaica with full confidence that 6Y1LZ is in perfect shape and we shouldn’t have any work to do. Some of the 6Y1LZ team members even booked all-inclusive hotel in the wonderful Montego Bay with expectation to have a good time. Unfortunately this was not the case. We found our Jamaican radio station completely destroyed by lightning strike during hurricane Irma. Last time we used the station one of the operator made a fatal mistake as he disconnected antennas but left the power cord and network cables still connected. The lightning strike destroyed some antennas. But the biggest damage was inside of the radio shack where all computer monitors; entire interlock; antenna switching; all the stack matches networks; controller for steeper antennas and all the 12V power supplies were damaged. In addition one of the IC 7800 and one of ACOM 2000A was found beyond repair. So instead of the team to have fun in the nice hotels in Jamaica, we spent all the time repairing and recovering what we can do. After 3 days and nights of constant work and a race with the time we managed to put in operation 2 amplifiers; 2 IC 7800 and a third in condition which can be used but not all the functions was working, we also managed to fix all the antennas and all the stack matches just few minutes before start of the contest. The contest started fantastically. We had 7300 QSO when one more disaster stroked again on Sunday afternoon at 14:30 when we lost electrical power. We had diesel generator and we thought it would be not an issue and it would only take us 15 min to switch to generator power. Unfortunately this generator did not work normal at all and quit after an hour. So Gorge(6Y1GC) and I went to local hardware store and purchased 2 new generators 6.7 kW with one to be used and the other to be the backup. What a drama and heart breaking situation. All the debris from this contest is coming back to US for repair and the station will be ready for CW. We were on track to go over 10000 QSO and we were almost there. Like we always say when something bad happen. Next time we say HI, HI, Hi!!! Thanks to our incredible dedicated and knowledgeable team we managed to start and finish this contest. This is one small team but is composed of incredibly strong, knowledgeable, hearty and wonderful people. They are extremely dedicated and are not scared to do what needs to be done at any condition. I’m so proud to know all of you and to be part of your team, I consider all of you as my dear friends. With team like this we always can achieve the impossible like this time. Congratulating to the winners, we will see you next time!!!