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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2017   Nov 25   Claimed Score

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Call: V47T
Operator(s): K1TO N2NT N9NC
Station: V47NT

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: ST. Kitts
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Other North America

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Total:12294167609Total Score24,050,110



Comments:     [email]     2017-11-27 12:33:22
After 2 hurricanes, I didn't hold much hope of operating this year. Dan K1TO and I decided we would try to rebuild the station, but we only had a week to do it. We arrived with virtually no antennas, and a bent tower. With the great help of Joel V44KAI and Tom N9NC, we were able to build all the antennas, and repair everything. Amazing team work! We changed to tribanders, and triplexers to simplify things. By Wednesday, all yagis were up. By Thursday, all wires were up. Friday was a mad rush to hook everything up, and amazingly we only blew up one relay in the six pack ( nice fire coming out). Some quick manual switching, and we were in business. There was good and bad news when we arrived. The long time issue of power line noise was fixed, since the hurricane wiped out the offending pole. However, there was a new noise, that was 20 over 9 on 160/80/40. It was so bad, we almost bagged the whole thing. I spent some time to find it, and determined it was a new E2E power monitoring system (RF over power lines). I called my contact at the company, and he was great.. The crew was up Friday morning, and they switched it off. Bingo... Bands were the quietest I've ever heard them from V4. Tom N9NC was an invaluable team member. He worked very hard as the ground crew. Also, he held his own operating with some very good runs. With only 3 very tired ops, we managed to keep both stations manned most of the time. Thanks to Dan for his tireless tower work, and planning.. We somehow managed to get everything done in a very short time. And to Joel V44KAI and Terry V44KBP for their local support, which nothing could happen without them. Also, thanks to Dan, Joe K3NM and John W2GD for donating antennas and other stuff. We missed Felipe, NP4Z who just could not leave KP4.. He was hit much worse by hurricane Maria (still no power). And thanks to all the great ops in CQWW CW, my favorite contest of all! 73, Andy N2NT/V47NT