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Alabama QSO Party   2010   Jun 5   Claimed Score

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Call: W4AN
Operator(s): KU8E
Station: KU8E

Class: Mobile Solo OpMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 1.11
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:562CW Mults27Ph Mults2Total Score3,306


Club: South East Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2010-06-06 07:07:11
The car battery died in first county (RSSL), so I decided to throw in the towel. Luckily I was close enough to home that my wife came and rescued me. The car started right up when we jumped the battery, but didn't want to risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere if I continued on. I guess I need to get a heavy duty battery or put another one in parallel with the car battery since it must be drawing too much current to keep it charged when I am just sitting and operating with the engine idling. The good news - The MFJ battery booster that K4BAI bought in Dayton seems to have got rid of the chirp/buzz problem we were having in GQP/FQP. Thanks K5KG for the tip. I also used N1MM for the first time in the state QSO party rover mode and it worked great. I need to get K4BAI to switch over for next year. The rovering "season" is over for this year. K4BAI and I made over 4000+ QSO's in our efforts in GQP/FQP and mine in AQP. Hopefully we gave out some new counties to those participating. Thanks for the QSO's (and pileups!) and we will see everyone starting with the GQP in April 2011. All W4AN QSL requests go to K4BAI. 73, Jeff KU8E