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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: PJ2T
Operator(s): PJ2T
Station: PJ2T

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Curaçao, S.A.
Operating Time (hrs): 26:10
Location: South America

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Total:QSOs1265State/Prov59Countries75Total Score1,677,278


Club: Mad River Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-12 03:43:18
Congratulations to EF8R, CR3DX, and the other stations that scored over one million points in this great contest. At least 20 Multi-Op claimed scores over 1 million. That is an incredible accomplishment, of which the participants should take great pride. In a typical year, only five or fewer station break that score level. I apologize for the late post to 3830. There is no intent to make trouble or be difficult on my part by the late posting. I become tied up in some super huge work projects immediately upon my return from PJ2T and could not write up a good 3830 posting until now. For the ninth year, my friend and longtime top band operating partner Jeff, K8ND/PJ2ND and I (Jim, W8WTS) operated PJ2T multi-operator in CQWW 160 CW from the incredible station PJ2T, operated by The Caribbean Contesting Consortium, The Caribbean Contesting Consortium is a radio club of world class operators, leaders, maintainers, and builders that have created the longest lasting, most state of the art, and most prolific contesting and DXing destination station in the world. K8ND and I started preparation for the contest about one week prior. Jeff arrived at PJ2T first and began putting together the setup of SDRs listening to the variety of receiving antennas at PJ2T. I arrived later, and with Jeff’s help, deployed our DX Engineering four square receiving antenna. We were ready to contest well before the starting bell with no breakdowns or malfunctions to fix. The contest starts during full sunlight at PJ2T, so the first hours are not particularly productive. We listen to the European station working each other, and the USA stations starting to nip at the Europeans, but no one is able to hear us South Americans. When the sun sets at PJ2T, things heat up. The first night of the contest was good, with two hours above 100 QSOs/hour, down from four hours last year. The band was quiet from 12 degrees latitude and we made the most of it. We worked eleven JAs, but there were no signs of VK or ZL. Once hot Caribbean sun rises on Curacao, our signal is no longer heard, although we can copy stations CQing in the USA for an hour or more. Our last QSO of the first night was at 1126Z with HK3W. After the daytime snoozing time, we got prepared for the second night of the contest. CQWW 160 is a mixed bag between the two nights. One never knows which night will be the contest winner versus which night will be the dud. We got on the air Saturday afternoon at 2145Z and worked DJ5MW at 2230Z for our first QSO of the second day. The second night of the contest was plagued with higher noise than the first night, with more difficulty working the sometimes weak European stations. We dug out every callsign that we could from the USA stations in the early hours of the second day. Unfortunately we did not hear any VK or ZL stations in the contest. We take the “Never Say Die” attitude on Sunday morning, and kept on the air until our last QSO at 1111Z with W8KA, just 12 minutes after full sunrise on Curacao. Ending at 2200Z, the contest ends in full daylight at PJ2T. In spite of our best efforts, we worked no stations on Sunday evening. It is very frustrating to hear the European stations working each other with enthusiasm, but at PJ2T QSOs are impossible to make at this time. We ended the contest with 1265 QSOs and 134 multipliers for a final claimed score of 1,677,278. We are proud of our score and thank everyone for their participation in the most fun contest of the season. We appreciate the hard work of Andy Blank, N2NT for managing this great contest. Thanks to everyone for their QSOs. Again we congratulate the top scoring entrants and look forward to more fun and great competitive radio sport next year. On behalf of The Caribbean Contesting Consortium, PJ2T and Jeff, K8ND/PJ2ND, 73, Jim, PJ2/W8WTS President The Caribbean Contesting Consortium, PJ2T