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North American QSO Party, CW   2018   January   Claimed Score

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Call: N5FO
Operator(s): N5FO
Station: N5FO

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Tyrone, NM
Operating Time (hrs): 10
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:939191Total Score179,349


Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Team: Arizona Outlaws - Chollas

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-14 15:05:53
Very tough contest for me. Started the checklist late (morning before a contest) to find 2nd radio not making but 60W on 10M and down slightly more than usual on the other bands. Also made note that my radios just won't make the 100W out into the antennas on the far side of the filters. You'd think the manufacturers would allow some "headroom" for us contest operators. Any suggestions for improvement? Just before contest start I was hit with nausea & a light case of vertigo, thought the flu was starting, but cleared within the first couple hours. So, with 10M dead and 15M never really opening here, it was a struggle to get a decent rate. At 1917 it was a surprise to have my young friend Bryant call, now from AL (New Orleans, LA before) He's what, 13yrs old, just learned code past couple years & going like a pro! By 2129, even working the 2nd radio, I felt the rates just weren't up to what they should have been, even on 20 & 40. It was interesting to see 80 come alive earlier than expected, and the activity on 160 was a nice surprise. As usual, I had a couple of nuisance failures, that new LogiTech ball mouse started to fail just like the old one (left-click button sticking). So, any suggestions for a reliable mouse for a very cramped desktop? Also, for some reason, that I never quite figured out, the "Focus on Other" would just quit, forcing me to use the manual receive switch on the SO2R Box until I reset things. It happened at least a half dozen times. The remedy seemed different every time it repeated. OK, I guess we all have a MAJOR BRAIN FART every now & then! So, I take my second break at 0201 and set my alarm for 29mins, giving me 2 mins to get back upstairs & in the chair. But when it went off I WAS ALREADY in the chair. Not thinking, I grab a quick mult before realizing the break was only 29 minutes long! So that wasted 29 minutes of the 10 hours! Oh well, S happens! Thanks for all the Q's & Mult's. I won't say it was lots of fun, but it had it's moments in spite of the lousy upper band conditions. Sam