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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 28   Claimed Score

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Call: N7MZW
Operator(s): N7MZW
Station: N7MZW

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Wyoming
Operating Time (hrs): 18.5
Location: USA

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Total:1576944Total Score45,087


Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-30 13:25:41
IC706 MK-2G,with the issued hand mike,(broke my Heil ProSet),a Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual Tuner,Cushcraft MA5B up 22 feet on roof, and a ZS6BKW (modified G5RV) at 50 feet, running N-S at an elevation of 6,053 feet above my apartment QTH in Laramie County Wyoming. A real slug fest with 100% Hunt and Pouncing, significant QSB,crowded bands, and a lot less one call contacts than in any other contest that I can recall!I'm not sure if the MA5B mimi-beam is too close to my ZS6BKW or not, but it sure seems like I had a lot for fills this year.I do know that the ZS6BKW at 50 feet height was nearly always stronger than the MA5B, no matter how often I verified the "Beam" headings. In fact, I used the MA5B for less than 5% of all contacts made. Nice to see 10 meters open to a few JA's and others. QUESTION? Do all SA Ops SCREAM and YELL at each other when they are speaking face to face,or just most of them? I've heard better audio coming from 11 meter "Big Rigs"! I hope that the CQWW reviewing authority will take a close look at some of these horribly distorted and overmodulated stations when listening to recorded audio from this contest,and also pay attention to how frequently,(or infrequently) a lot of the DX stations were giving their call signs. I'ts a real PITA to finally hear a running station ID, only to realize that you have already worked him! Always a fun contest, and another "Boy and His(mostly) Wire Adventure is in the books. Thanks to all that worked my modest station. November Seven Many Zebras Walking