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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Claimed Score

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Call: ON5KQ
Operator(s): ON5KQ
Station: ON5KQ

Class: SOSB/40 HP
QTH: jo11of
Operating Time (hrs): 16
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:74936123Total Score211,470


Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2008-11-30 02:57:32
This year the contest went really wrong from the beginning. Planning to take enough sleep before the contest to start really fresh, instead I got a phone call on early Friday morning, that the antenna's in my remote location (1hour from my home) where gone - the SMS message only mentioned, that instead a 4square,there were no verticals anymore !!! So - no time for shopping for the contest weekend food... no time to sleep. I hurried to my contest place and found the verticals damaged on the ground... As the week before, was very busy, I had no time to check the contest location before the contest,but did not expect that scale of damage... I had just time over the whole day before the contest to set-up the vertical elements again, but no time to re-align anything - as a result the SWR in the various antenna direction, was very different and my main important direction had SWR over 2... almost dangerous for the amplifier... It was already dark however and I could only do some quick and dirty tricks with a LC-circuit in front of the current/phasing distribution unit, so I keep the SWR down to acceptable levels... abosolutely no tuning of the elements was possible! To compensate any bad influence, I thought at least to keep working with more radials, as I found most radials not connected anymore properly. I heard later, that there has been a very local tornado in Zeebrugge just a few days ago, which might have made the incredible damage. My verticals are secured with 130kg of water weight plus additional steel, to prevent them blowing away.. I found the water cans empty somewhere and the verticals were blown down the roof. I was very very lucky, that all elements could be re-used... So, when the contest started, I was very very tired before the contest even started... I changed my strategy to search and pounce the complete first night on 40m. The band was very very busy and with not very good condx it would be impossible to establish a qrg against the strong south Europeans... Search & Pounce worked great - unfortunately I was too tired to keep operation in the early morning, so went to sleep before even sunrise at 7h local and get up for operation from 11:15h local again... Surprising I could work W6/KH6 and other pacific that late at almost midday from EU !!! During the day not so much DX could be done... HL/BV/XW1B and other were rediculous busy with Russian/Japan pile-ups. Also more eastern Europe seem to have good propagation to Asia... no way to come through quickly from western Belgium... so I didn't even try seriously. Unfortunately condx even went down further the evening, so I missed these normally rather easy multi's... After 16hours of operation (mostly during the first day at daylight hours) I closed the station at arround 22h UTC. I am very pleased with the multi result - the station worked extremly well to the west in the first night where I could break any pile-up I heard very very quickly. Increadible, as I only use vertical... no large stacked Yagi's... May be fresh radials (especially to western directions) helped... I plan to quickly renew the radial system to eastern directions as well... QSO numbers are low, but an effect of lots of S&P and my just avarage CW practice... need to do more! I feel my station can be a real winner on 40m to compete with almost any other 40m set-up in the area - if the operator is just good enough - this time I was out of energy from the beginning ! Thanks for all stations who called me - please visit my website for foto's and further details: Ulli, ON5KQ RIG: FT-1000MP Ant: 4ele vertical, 10m spacing, 120degree crossfire phasing (as W8JI design) Amp: homebrew, 1kW out