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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB   2017   Oct 28   Claimed Score

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Call: GM4FDM
Operator(s): GM4FDM
Station: GM4FDM

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:105766204Total Score412,830


Club: GMDX Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-29 12:40:49
First time I have tried un-assisted in a long time and forgotten how hard it is without the cluster. Spend too much time at times trying to work a single mult. But even though it wasnt a serious entry I did enjoy myself. Was pleased to be called by DX in the form of VK9CZ. One thing I did find trying was the fact that several stations who seemed to consider themselves as DX - ran like an expedition, in that they only gave their callsigns every 20 or so QSOs, which is a PITA for those who dont have the cluster, and thus dont know if they are waiting for a dupe, or a new zone or country. These guys need to ID more frequently and consider others.